Inkjet marker

InkJet marker for pulp bales

The inkjet marker is a fully automatic system for efficient and reliable marking of pulp bales and part of a complete baling line. The inkjet marker applies high-quality printing to mark bales with company logos, pulp trademarks and other relevant information such as production data.

Robust and reliable system

Marking on up to three sides of the bale

Barcode printing option

Cost-efficient printing

Designed for production lines

As well as integrating into baling lines, the inkjet marker is also easy to install separately in other marking applications. This robust system is suitable for applications that involve vibrations, dust and other production line challenges.

Range of marking options

The marker system consists of up to three marker units each fitted with one or two individually controlled print heads. To accommodate various bale sizes or positions, the print heads are installed in pneumatic loaded sliding plates. A range of machine variants permits marking on one, two or three sides of the bale.
The printing control system can store pre-programmed printing tasks and offers flexibility for customized high-quality printing to meet specific needs.

Barcodes and BQS connection

The inkjet marker can also be equipped with a barcode system consisting of a single print head, control unit and an ink system. Maximum printed height of the barcode is 40 mm. The marking system is also prepared for a “read after write” laser scanner. Both the character and the barcode printer can work as stand alone units or be connected to the Valmet Bale
Quality System (BQS), which tracks each single bale and synchronizes marking of information on bales.

Economical printing

All inkjet marker variants can be connected to the Large Capacity Ink System, which is designed for applications involving large volume ink consumption, high speed marking, long production runs or printing large messages. Using large ink containers (19 liters) reduces the number of ink fill-ups and reduces ink costs by purchasing in bulk. The alcohol-based ink is resistant to rain, snow and sunlight.

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Our expertise is at your service

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