Valmet Bale Quality System, BQS

A sophisticated control system to enhance logistics and quality management

Bale quality system

Valmet, the global leader in pulp and paper lines, supplies the Bale quality system (BQS) as a supervisory tool designed to keep track of production data and quality parameters for bale handling. BQS is a unique system that tracks each individual bale, bale set and bale unit throughout the production line. The system uses absolute bale position tracking to ensure exceptional reliability of key data.

Single bale tracking

Automatic handling

Reliable information

Data on availability

Rapid diagnostics

Remote support

Superior tracking and optimized line control

All Valmet Baling machines and conveyors share the same sophisticated technology and are equipped with machine control desks that feature a graphic touch screen, Human-Machine Interface (HMI). All the control desks in the line are linked by a shared network, which provides efficient data flow and control for the BQS. Information from the line’s machines and conveyors is stored in the BQS database and is easily available for reporting and analysis.

BQS is part of a complete tracking system and complete baling line quality management

BQS integrates seamlessly with the baling line’s existing bale transaction tracking and movement tracking systems. By adding supervisory bale tracking coordination, BQS gives you access to a complete tracking and quality measurement system. Similarly, BQS integrates with existing quality control systems to ensure overall Baling line quality management excellence. BQS compiles pulp quality data for each individual bale in a bale set and makes key quality data on bale tracking, bale weight, marking and unit formation readily
available for analysis and interpretation by the mill’s information system

Our expertise is at your service

Our expertise is at your service

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