How the new Neles™ NDX 2.0 is making life simple and easy

Less is less – And sometimes that is a good thing. In fact, when it comes to time and money spent, it is the greatest thing imaginable. This is why the new NDX 2.0 is expected to be a new favourite among OEM customers and end customers alike. The potential for saving both time and money is very tangible.

Sustainable and economical operations have been a basis for the design of the NDX 2.0 valve controller, like all of the valve products in the Valmet portfolio. But in addition to the savings that can be obtained during the use of the product, there is a huge potential for savings through economical efficiency before use and during maintenance operations. This is where the inherent simplicity and smart modularity of devices like smart valve controllers come into play.

The right choice for you

The new Neles NDX 2.0 is extremely versatile and virtually universal in fit in terms of the valves it can serve as well as the different application and processes it’s suited for. Big or small, linear or rotary, Valmet or third party – valve type literally doesn’t matter. The smart yet simple construction truly means less time and effort required during installation and commissioning.

Thanks to the smart and intuitive user experience it provides, the Neles NDX 2.0 is equally easy to set up and configure. Preloaded setups and easy navigation using the touchscreen quite literally means that getting started is more a matter of seconds than minutes. It only takes a few pushes of a button to be up and running after installation.

It’s easy to live with

This ease of use obviously also extends to daily use and operations. The simple and easy usability of the device also means that a lot less training is needed to be able to make the most of this technology in use as a part of your process. To be absolutely honest with you, I suspect that if you are reading this blog right now, you would most probably be able to use the new NDX 2.0 with no prior training at all. That’s how easy it really is.

The modularity of the smart valve controller also means that service and maintenance procedures are significantly easier and faster to carry out on the device. The diagnostics are clear and easy to interpret and the physical device itself is equally simple. On the contrary to popular belief, a device that is digital and packed with intelligence does not have to be sensitive, intricate, and infinitely complicated. In fact, in this case the truth is quite literally the exact opposite.

Simply better

When you choose the modular NDX 2.0 valve controller, you need to stock fewer spare parts and components compared to many other valve controller devices. Fewer spare parts means smaller parts inventory, less needed space and ultimately less that could go wrong. Fewer parts obviously comes back to the ease and speed of repairs and replacements as well.

When time means money, and a specialist’s time means even more money, the simple and easy Neles NDX 2.0 intelligent valve controller is the way to go. As was said in the beginning – Less is less. Less time spent on installation and commissioning. Less time spent learning correct use and operations. Less time needed for service and maintenance. So, in this case less is the exact reason you should be looking into investing in our Neles NDX 2.0 valve controllers.

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