Technologies for specialty papers

We pay and get a receipt, eat hamburgers and bake cookies on baking paper. They are in our lives but seldom we stop to think about how special those papers and boards are. Every specialty paper and board grade has its own niche market and its own needs for the production process.

High-quality specialty papers with special process knowhow


High quality of the end product is vital, and the quality targets must be met constantly without deviations. The critical quality targets can be reached by building a reliable production line that relies on strong process understanding.

To keep up with the competition, a reliable and cost-efficient process is a must. Processes need to be energy efficient and flexible to meet the changing customer needs. It is not just about having the right machinery, it is also about thoroughly understanding them. Valmet has comprehensive knowhow about the special papermaking processes and a vast offering with the right equipment.

Whether you are an experienced specialty paper maker in need of a process upgrade or just starting your career in specialty papers we can find the perfect solution for you together. Valmet Technology Centers offer excellent piloting services to find the optimal concept for your needs. 

Our offering for specialty board and paper producers includes everything you need when producing paper cost-efficiently. We cover the entire life cycle of processes: new installationsrebuilds and services as well as automation solutions to guarantee that your paper machine runs smoothly, energy-efficiently and uses raw materials economically while being safe to use.

Valmet Technology Centers offer excellent piloting services to find the optimal concept and technological solution for your needs.

Wet end rebuild improved paper strength and decreased grammage deviation for specialty paper producer

Ahlström Munksjö Dettingen PM34 produces colored decor paper for some of the biggest printers in the decor paper market. These customers set high expectations of the quality and printability of decor paper used in furniture.

The mill’s recent wet end rebuild has further improved paper strength, as well as decreased the grammage deviation. See the video for full reference on how they manage to answer their customers high expectations after the PM34 wet end rebuild.