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Double-nip press with linear web run

OptiPress Linear

Wet pressing is a vital part of paper and board processing and benefits both runnability and quality. The ultimate target of wet pressing is to increase sheet dryness to ensure paper and board machine drying capacity and also to enable web runnability at the beginning of the dryer section. The press section also has a great effect on sheet surface properties. Valmet’s OptiPress Linear, double-nip press with linear web run, is an ideal solution to fulfill papermakers’ requirements for effective pressing.

Excellent end product properties, high dewatering capacity and good runnability

The operating performance of OptiPress Linear has proven that the design principles employed – no open draws, shoe press technology and full-width tail threading – provide excellent end product quality, high level dewatering capacity as well as good runnability. This results in a press section where press-related runnability bottlenecks, such as open draws, are a thing of the past.

The closed web run significantly reduces web breaks and thus improves runnability. OptiPress Linear also provides very good paper and board quality with symmetrical sheet properties, good moisture profiles, excellent dry content, and high production efficiency.

Shoe pressing with proven SymBelt technology

OptiPress Linear features SymBelt shoe press technology, which provides longer dwell times and higher press impulses that improve dryness after the press section. A high web dry content brings savings also in drying energy. The two straight press nips of OptiPress Linear produce a strong web and ensure good moisture profile in the web after the press section.

The OptiPress Linear press section meets the huge dewatering capacity requirements of high-speed paper or containerboard machines. The concept can be applied to both new lines and rebuilds.

Picture. OptiPress Linear for containerboard grades.

Benefits for paper and boardmakers

Valmet's OptiPress Linear provides:

  • Outstanding end product quality
  • Excellent runnability and high production efficiency
  • Good moisture profile 
  • High dewatering capacity
  • Potential for furnish optimization


Customer success stories

More efficiency and runnability with new OptiPress

More efficiency and runnability with new OptiPress

When the press section of Mondi’s Štêtí's PM5 was rebuilt, the mill had sellable sack kraft paper in just three days. With increased dryness resulting in better web runnability and less steam consumption, the mill is happy with the OptiPress concept and co-operation with Valmet

World’s best paper machine: UWF speed record 1,808 m/min

World’s best paper machine: UWF speed record 1,808 m/min

The Zhanjiang Chenming PM1 in China has been setting world speed records since it's start-up in 2011. Considering energy and raw material consumption / produced tonne it is also an economical and ecological paper machine.

World’s fastest coated board machine

World’s fastest coated board machine

The Ji’an Group's PM 3 in China enables the company to optimize its raw material costs and to become a major producer of coated board. The novel curtain coating technology provides the mill with more furnish options to choose from.

Responsible packaging at Orora B9

Responsible packaging at Orora B9

Orora's Botany mill in Australia is home to one of the world's top-performing paper machines. Replacing old machines with Valmet paper machine has slashed energy use by 34%, cut water consumption by 26% and reduced waste by 75%.