IntelliPress Linear

Multi-purpose press configurations with linear web run

IntelliPress Linear can be used in various configurations of the press section. The usage of the IntelliNip Shoe Module has a wide range of applications depending on production and paper properties requirements. Operating with this modern press minimizes drying energy and keeps machine runnability and product quality at high levels.

High efficiency and runnability

High water removal and optimal paper quality

Multi-purpose configurations and high-quality components

Potential press configurations: 


  • Tandem Press (double felted) – suitable for medium and high basis weight products or low basis weight with high speed. Available options with transfer belt in the 2nd press position to minimalize rewetting effect and provide better smoothness on the bottom side. 

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  • Single Press (single felt with transfer belt) - suitable for low basis weight products. This configuration has no open draws, and ensures an increase in bottom side surface smoothness, which improves sheet contact with hot drying cylinders. 

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  • Single Press (single felt with top plain roll) - suitable for a wide range of basis weight range products with top required side surface smoothness.  




This makes the IntelliPress Linear an optimal configuration and a suitable solution for a wide basis weight range.