Press roll covers for board and paper making

Roll covers for pressing (earlier PressFox, PressJade, PressTaurus, PressRhino, PressKodiak)

Roll covers in the press section have a strong impact on production line efficiency, capacity and product quality. Along with press section clothing, they are key components for dewatering through the wet pressing process. Especially in center roll-based presses with an open draw, roll covers also directly affect machine runnability. The most important rolls in your machine deserve superior covers.    

Valmet’s range of press roll covers offers ideal options for all press section roll positions, depending on the machine concept, the paper or board grade produced, and the roll maintenance strategy. By taking advantage of Valmet’s expertise to select the proper roll cover for your pressing process, you can enjoy a number of benefits that maximize the capacity of your machine.  

Results with Valmet press roll covers 

  • reduced downtime
  • increased production
  • savings in energy consumption

Valmet press roll covers range from economical rubber covers for less demanding applications, to the toughest roll covers providing the most efficient dewatering technology. Covers can be designed for the unique needs of any application. Cover topography can be tailored for maximal dewatering, and non-felted rolls can have surfaces with release characteristics adjusted for the specific grade being produced.  


Valmet Press Roll Cover

Valmet offers soft press roll polyurethane covers for demanding process conditions such as LNP rolls and suction press rolls. They can operate under the highest loads and at the highest speeds – and still save energy and need less maintenance. 



For grades requiring more gentle nip pressures (e.g. to achieve bulk savings), soft but still extremely durable roll covers can be applied without sacrificing roll reliability and run period lengths.  Let Valmet review your press rolls and propose roll cover solutions with guaranteed results.

Roll cover application tool

Find optimal roll covers for every board and paper process

Click the image above to use Valmet’s roll cover application tool to find the right covers for your press section applications 


Articles and references

Vijay Anand Kraft Papers: Excellent ROI with Valmet Press Roll Cover PP

Vijay Anand Kraft Papers: Excellent ROI with Valmet Press Roll Cover PP

The Indian board-maker Vijay Anand has overcome the challenge of traditional rubber covers by upgrading with a Valmet roll cover. Press Roll Cover PP premium polyurethane covers have provided remarkable benefits with an outstanding payback from the investment.

Improving press performance step by step

Improving press performance step by step

After a four­phase improvement project, Thai Cane Paper enjoys lower steam consumption, better runnability, higher paper dryness, longer felt lifetimes, and vacuum energy savings in its PM 2 press section.

Smoothing the way at Skoghall

Smoothing the way at Skoghall

Skoghall renewed their smoothing press cleaning device and improved roll cover durability by choosing Valmet Smoothing Press Roll Cleaner and Valmet Press Roll Cover PK.

Press Roll Cover PP keeps the rolls turning

Press Roll Cover PP keeps the rolls turning

After using Press Roll Cover PP at BillerudKorsnäs Gruvön PM 6 in Sweden for about six months, press roll drive energy consumption had decreased as promised and the running performance showed the predicted results.

Save costs by optimizing water removal

Save costs by optimizing water removal

Water removal at the forming or press section is significantly cheaper than at the dryer section. Since removing one liter of water from the sheet at the dryer section costs five times more than at the press section, it pays to optimize dewatering at an early stage.

Optimum press roll surface structures

Optimum press roll surface structures

Paper, board and tissue makers all have their own roll surface structures that they are used to having on their press section rolls. In many cases, those structures have been there from day one and may no longer be the most effective ones, taking into account advances in materials, felts and knowledge.




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