Valmet’s way to serve containerboard production with fiber workshop services, rolls, covers, and roll maintenance optimized for your needs

The world is crying out for packages. As board makers, you have seized the opportunity to produce strong and lightweight containerboard like liner and corrugating medium.

But in the cold light of day, this golden opportunity can prove a heavy-duty challenge to make products with the right quality properties safely, sustainably, and efficiently under raw material variations of recycled OCC or kraft fibers. At Valmet Rolls and Workshop Services, we can help you convert this heavy-duty challenge into a future opportunity.

Our comprehensive offering for containerboard covers the entire integrated production chain - from fiberline and stock preparation to the winder, and even beyond to the corrugators of converting plants. The wide scope of services extends from new rolls, roll cover and roll maintenance services to intelligent roll solutions, and workshop services for OCC or fiberlines.

These solutions, combined with Valmet's way to serve and a team ready to understand and take on your challenge, will provide you with just the right combination of services for every stage of your lifecycle.

Are you ready to achive these results with us?

Lower amount of web breaks by


Lower steam consumption by


Reduce profile related broke by


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Wet pressing in containerboard production

A key to higher energy efficiency, and often a significant enabler of a capacity increase, is optimal wet pressing performance. Increased nip dewatering improves drying capacity and increases sheet dryness, with a remarkable effect on energy costs.

For example, increasing post-press dryness by 1.5 percent unit means savings of approximately €1.3 million in drying energy costs (case linerboard 400,000t/a).


Energy savings

Increased dry content after press

Material savings

Stronger sheet due to higher dry content

Production efficiency

Higher sheet dryness
Fewer breaks and better runnability

Learn more about wet pressing solutions through customer success stories

New sizer roll cover boosts performance at Palm Wörth

Palm Wörth installed a Valmet Sizer Roll Cover CF on their BM6 containerboard machine to improve its performance. The new roll cover has a running interval of more than 200 days, leading to higher machine availability and better paper quality.

From wet pressing to sustainability in Siam Kraft board mill

The redesign of the suction press roll cover has not only solved a persistent problem of shadow marking at Siam Kraft board mill. It has also helped the mill meet their goals for sustainability, cost-effectiveness and the circular economy by reducing fiber consumption.

Improving press performance step by step

After a four­phase improvement project, Thai Cane Paper enjoys lower steam consumption, better runnability, higher paper dryness, longer felt lifetimes, and vacuum energy savings in its PM 2 press section.

Making the right choices to boost wet pressing efficiency

Wet pressing has an impact all the way from paper machine drying capacity and web runnability to end product properties. The secret of process efficiency often lies in making the right choices for the press section consumables.

Valmet and Greenpac Mill in the USA renew their Performance Agreement

Collaboration leads to a significant increase in sustainable production



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Hard news for boardmakers 

Modern, wide, high-speed containerboard machines operate in demanding conditions in terms of machine component wear. Forming section wire rolls offer a typical example of components that require uncompromised wear protection. Read the whole article

Hard news for boardmakers

As a pioneer in ceramic coatings, Valmet has gathered its decades of experience to introduce a new generation of ceramic roll covers for lead rolls. In containerboard machines, these hard and extremely durable coatings ensure longer run time and better reliability.



We prefer a situation in which the lead rolls can be left in the machine for several years without having to repair or even think about them.
Robert Raniszewski, Mondi Swiecie



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