Workshop and roll services for mechanical pulping

For mechanical pulping production the continuous production without disturbances is essential. Valmet offers a wide range of on-site and workshop services to ensure high reliability. We are the most experienced supplier on the market and OEM service provider for all RGP refiner models (and all previous old brand names).

Workshop services offer full scope reconditioning at Valmet workshops globally to return the equipment performance back to original level and beyond it with upgrades. With modular maintenance solutions it is possible to achieve maximum lifetime with consistently high-quality services. The new modular approach makes purchasing as transparent as possible for customers.


Chip treatment

Plug Screw Replacement

A correct installed plug screw and screw pipe secures optimal performance over the screw sets lifetime.
Plug Screw Reconditioning Reconditioning packages ensure uniform chip feeding.
HC refining
Drop-In Unit Replacement Taking advantage of Valmet’s expert knowledge when replacing the drop-in unit.
Mechanical Seal Replacement The mechanical seal lifetime of your Defibrator/Refiner can be improved by taking advantage of Valmet’s expert knowledge to keep the seal in reliable condition.
Valmet Refiner Reconditioning Modular maintenance solutions for flexible service offering.
Segment holders Maintenance program for refiner segment holders improves refiner operation.
Reconditioning packages For SD refiners Continuous technical developments and improvements in materials and design make reconditioning of drop-in units a profitable investment that will provide a pay-back in maximum service life, availability and performance.
LC refining

StockBoost for refining

Tailor-made upgrades for existing refiners.

Low-consistency refining performance review

Solution for cost-effective refining.
TwinRoll press

Reconditioning of rolls for TwinRoll presses

Reconditioning of rolls for TwinRoll presses based on TwinRoll Evolution technology.

Reconditioning packages for standard rolls

A profitable investment that pays back.

TRP Roll Reconditioning

Modular maintenance solutions for flexible service offering.

TwinRoll Press Roll G6

For maximized press washing and dewatering efficiency.


One partner for rolls, covers and services

One partner for rolls, covers and services

Metsä Board Joutseno BCTMP mill aims for high operational reliability. In addition to replacing their aging twin wire press rolls, they have selected one partner for everything: rolls, covers and services.

Valmet Roll Academy

Valmet Roll Academy

Valmet's Maintenance Schools and Roll Academies gather people from the pulp and paper industry to learn from Valmet and one another. They help secure the best possible knowledge and skills needed to maintain and operate the equipment throughout their lifecycles.