Workshop and roll services for cooking and fiberline

Workshop services for pulp washing and dewatering equipment

Good reliability, high washing performance and spare unit availability are all key requirements for washing machinery.​

Valmet’s TwinRoll presses represent the most advanced pulp washing technology that meets above mentioned requirements for washing. Rolls in TwinRoll presses need periodical reconditioning, and for guaranteed roll availability spare roll arrangements are needed. Valmet offers a full range of workshop services for rolls in TwinRoll presses: reconditioning services, roll upgrades, new spare rolls and exchange unit agreements. With a reference base of thousands of manufactured and served rolls, Valmet provides the most advanced services for TwinRoll presses.​

Regardless of the original equipment manufacturer, Valmet offers various other reconditioning and upgrade services for pulp washing equipment. Have a look on a success case related to twin wire press rolls. ​

Valmet TwinRoll Press Roll G6 brings maximized press washing and dewatering efficiency.

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Workshop services for chip feeding equipment

Performance and reliability of the chip feeding equipment are essential for a efficient cooking process. Key equipment, like low/high pressure feeders and top separators need periodical reconditioning service to keep them up and producing. Scheduled equipment maintenance in workshops offers also a great opportunity for various upgrades in order to take the equipment features to the next level. Upgrades, such us improved components or remote control/monitoring systems, offer maximized reliability and possibilities for process improvements.

With decades of experience in machine building and serving, Valmet is your most trusted partner in chip feeding system services!

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