TwinRoll presses for a new level of washing

TwinRoll is a family of pulp washers covering every need for washing along the entire fiberline.

TwinRoll Evolution is the fifth generation of Valmet's TwinRoll presses. It takes dewatering and washing to a new level. The TwinRoll Evolution is designed for optimal operation while minimizing operational and maintenance costs.

Advantages of Valmet's TwinRoll presses

  • Excellent washing efficiency
  • Higher specific capacity than competing systems. This means extremely compact installations, which make our TwinRoll presses especially suitable for upgrades.
  • Higher output pulp consistencies than competing systems. This means lower water volumes, reduced chemical consumption and a better overall economy.
  • High availability
  • Low operational and maintenance costs

3 Questions on Wash Press Efficiency

An Expert interview with Bruno Baggio, Technical Engineer, Valmet NA delves into wash press efficiency.


TwinRoll presses - Spare parts and components

TRP Roll Agreement

Reduces tied-up capital without sacrificing operational reliability.

TRP Roll Replacement

A new Replacement Roll will be available in different materials like EN1.4162, EN1.4462 and EN1.4410.

Spare Part Service Kit TRPE

Bearing Assembly Seal Kit - TRPE


TwinRoll press - Maintenance and shutdown services

Reconditioning of rolls for TwinRoll presses

Reconditioning of rolls for TwinRoll presses based on TwinRoll Evolution technology.

Reconditioning packages for standard rolls

A profitable investment that pays back.

TRP Roll Reconditioning

Modular maintenance solutions for flexible service offering.

TRP Audit

A process and mechanical inspection that result is a report proposing possible upgrades, workshop repairs as well as recommendations.


TwinRoll press - Process and automation upgrades

Roll Short Roll End Seal - Compact Press®

The newly developed roll end seal is based on air-supplied roll end seal hose and is equipped with a modified roll end seal holder, improved inflatable hose and a short-seal version to prevent wear on the roll end wear rings.

Air Seal L

Air Seal L is an longitudinal seal system with pneumatic pressure seals, which substantially increases seal lifetime and eliminate sealing water to come into process

Belt Drive Upgrade - Compact Press®

Eliminate oil spill and reduce the maintenance cost.

Inlet Seal Upgrade - Compact Press®

Self-adjusting and overlapping inlet seal design minimizes fiber losses.

Vat and Flap Seal Upgrade - Compact Press®

Equipped with a larger and reinforced vulcanization area; it has also been relocated, away from the corners of the seals

Roll Bearing Seal Upgrade – Compact Press®

When the bearing housing is 100% filled with grease and refilled according to lubrication interval the bearing lifetime will increase and unplanned shutdowns due to roll bearing failure will be minimized.

Electrical roll drive

The upgrade kit for converting to electrical roll drive is available for most presses on the market.

Inlet PF

With this new type of infeed system the risk for plugging in the inlet is minimized.

Inlet RF TRP

Increase capacity by as much as 30%.

Inlet N

A modified type of inlet device designed to work with pulp consistencies of up to 6%.

Anti Rewet

An insert device for the filtrate channels designed to reduce the rewetting effect to reduce the chemical consumption.

Nip Control

Optimize the roll nip to compensate for process variations, resulting in better overall washing.

HP Cleaning System TR

Clean rolls ensure effective and uniform dewatering of the pulp.

Oil Lubrication TRP

External unit for circulating the lubrication oil on all TwinRoll presses with oil-lubricated roll bearings.

Air Seal E

Air Seal E is an end seal system with pneumatic pressure seals, which substantially increases end ring lifetime.

Doctor AD

For easier maintenance and improved Doctor blades scraping.

CARB bearing for TwinRoll presses

Unique self-aligning roller bearing.

TRP Roll Exchangeable End Rings

Deal with worn roll ends without removing the roll from the press.

Doctor FB

Reduces the problem of fiber carry-over underneath the removal device.