Compaction Baffle Filter

Pulp mill installation of Compaction Baffle Filter pulp washer

Efficient, low-pressure pulp washing technology

The Compaction Baffle (CB) Filter is a reliable, effective pulp washing solution for low pressure washing applications.  First introduced in the late 1970s, CB Filter technology established its roots under the manufacturing legacies of IMPCO, Beloit and GL&V.  With many original CB Filter washers still operational today, Valmet is the official OEM partner for this equipment, providing process expertise, technology, and services.

Characterized by its compact, pressurized design, the CB Filter has offered pulp producers a solution with high washing efficiency, medium-feed consistencies, high specific loadings, and minimal total costs for installation and maintenance.

Key features that differentiate the CB Filter:
    • Low-level installation with small footprint ideal for limited space applications and additional washing stages
    • Smaller equipment with smaller components helps reduce energy usage (when compared to other types of washing equipment)
    • Pulp washing at medium feed consistency (3 to 4 %)
    • Fully enclosed, pressurized equipment helps contain gases
    • Tapered, pressurized inlet box design promotes optimal pulp mat formation