Pressure diffusers – ideal after overloaded digesters

Valmet’s pressure diffusers are primarily used for washing in a digester blow line and as a first washing stage in an oxygen delignification system.

Pressure diffuser

Pressure diffusers operate under pressure, which means that temperatures over 100 °C can be processed. This makes pressure diffusers ideal as washing equipment after overloaded digesters.

Advantages of Valmet’s pressure diffusers

  • Excellent washing efficiency
  • Pressurized operation
  • Ideal for capacity upgrades
  • Easy and reliable to operate and control
  • Quick startup and shutdown
  • Quick installation
  • Environmentally friendly

Pressure diffuser - Process and automation upgrades

Pressure Diffuser Kit

Stretch your Pressure Diffuser and reach new heights in capacity and washing efficiency.

Atmospheric diffuser kit

Gives you the possibilities to upgrade your existing single and double diffuser.

Wash Liquor Distribution Improvement

Improvement product to improve wash liquor distribution in the pressure diffuser.