Vacuum washer CORU-DEK

Valmet Vacuum Washer CORU-DEK technology provides high consistency stock discharge for high performance washing and thickening.

First introduced in the 1950’s from the IMPCO® OEM legacy, CORU-DEK® series vacuum washers have continued to develop from the original CORU-DEK® I to the latest model CORU-DEK® V. The latest Valmet Vacuum Washer CORU-DEK technology includes key design features that drive performance and make service and maintenance easier than ever. 

Valmet Vacuum Washer CORU-DEK V brings together a unique design with the innovative construction of a corrugated deck and delivers a high capacity, end-drainage cylinder.


the latest in coru-dek technology features:
  • Rugged, durable equipment with unique end-drainage design
  • A strong, structural drainage head design that enables a free filtrate discharge
  • Radial face valve for increased hydraulic capacity
  • Solid shafts and anti-friction bearings that offer drive option flexibility and minimize maintenance requirements
  • Vat seals (V-Seals) that improve equipment longevity by reducing the impact of potential ring misalignments
  • Flexible wash shower options that maximize washing efficiency across many applications