Workshop and roll services for pulp drying

Your machine was born to produce, let’s keep it that way! 

Every pulp producer expects a top performing mill with an output that meets the market quality and demand. Valmet Roll Services has a vast amount of expertise to move your mill’s performance forward. By utilizing our services, you can avoid unplanned shutdowns, increase roll running times, ensure extended availability and minimize total costs.  

Turn your rolls into a data source for enhanced efficiency

Rolls have an essential impact on quality and production efficiency. We can help you increase your roll performance with a full range of roll products from the state-of-the art new roll technology to roll upgrades, and to the best-fit-to-purpose roll covers. Our Intelligent Roll Solutions offer online measurement and analysis tools to solve problems based on the real reasons behind them, thus turning your roll into a data source for process efficiency.

From time to condition-based maintenance services

The condition-based maintenance services enable the planning of maintenance actions based on the actual condition of your equipment. Our Modular Maintenance Services consist of maintenance, reconditioning and upgrade services which allow you to build just the right combination of services for your mill.

A unique combination of people & technology

Valmet provides you with a unique combination of technology and people close to you wherever you are. Our global network of roll service centers is available in over 25 locations around the world. In addition to that, there are Valmet's process industry professionals in over 120 locations worldwide - plus remotely! To reap the best benefits from these experts, you can get them as a part of your team through a service agreement.

Global support, local presence
Valmet's competence in this area consists of decades of experience with roll equipment and performance, the largest installed base in the business, and the most extensive process know-how. With over 20 roll service centers around the world, our committed team of specialists provides a dedicated global service that is close to the customer. Our local teams are supported by Valmet’s global network of expertise.