Rolls for pulp drying

Paper and board machine rolls

Maximum performance with high-quality rolls

With over 50 years of roll manufacturing experience, innovative R&D, and the process know-how of a pulp machine builder, Valmet offers highly reliable roll solutions that provide maximum performance and extend availability.

Benefits of Valmet high-quality rolls

- Excellent operating performance

- Extended durability

- Fewer web breaks

The long operational life of new rolls is ensured by accurate dimensioning, durable materials, and functional roll design. With decades of experience, we have access to a vast library of original roll manufacturing drawings, which are used to engineer fully compatible spare rolls for all applications, regardless of the original machine supplier. 

Roll solutions for all needs

Roll upgrades

  • Incorporate the latest technology
  • Highest performance and machine availability
  • Rolls can be redesigned for extended performance
  • Changes in roll connections, automation, and hydraulics may be necessary

Improved spare rolls

  • Fully interchangeable with existing rolls
  • Offer some of the latest technology innovations
  • Easy installation
  • Improved performance and runnability
  • Reduced maintenance needs

Spare rolls

  • Copies of existing rolls
  • Fully compatible
  • Common spare parts
  • Valmet’s high manufacturing quality


Value added with 360°Rolls




Life cycle cost

  • Improved process performance
  • Efficient dewatering
  • Better sheet quality
  • Better roll runnability
  • Reduced sheet breaks 

  • Savings in energy consumption
  • Savings in maintenance costs
  • Longer maintenance intervals
  • Less wearing parts
  • Reduced cleaning water usage




Minimizing risks

  • Durable rolls with longer lifetime
  • Extended cover and felt lives due to less roll induced nip vibration

  • High roll reliability
  • Fewer unexpected roll-related shutdowns
  • Roll condition monitoring
  • Fully compatible spare rolls


Keeping your production rocking and rolling!



The extensive technological know-how behind Valmet’s roll service

The extensive technological know-how behind Valmet’s roll service

Valmet rolls are based on the strong experience as the papermaking industry’s leading OEM player.

360°Rolls -  performance up, costs down

360°Rolls - performance up, costs down

By questioning their current operating models, paper mills greatly increase the chances of success in the search for lower costs, better availability, and higher efficiency. Valmet’s 360°Rolls approach enables papermakers to achieve better results with a 360° view of rolls and the roll environment.




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