iRoll - intelligent roll solutions for pulp drying

Valmet iRoll is the fastest and most sensitive on-line profile measurement tool

iRoll may be utilized on a covered roll in the pulp drying line to expand the roll’s primary function to include the use as a transducer for sensing cross-machine nip linear load or sheet properties such as tension and hardness profiles at reel or winder (with reeled pulp). iRoll Temperature profile measurement system can be utilized to monitor roll covers or sheet profiles for optimizing the drying processes.

iRoll can be connected to automation and data collection systems. It also has advanced tools for data analysis, drawing color maps and more. With up to 200 data points in the cross-machine direction, iRoll provides high resolution profile feedback. Data from iRoll is truly online as it is updated by up to 10 profiles per second.

Valmet iRoll technology improves production efficiency and product quality by assuring optimal runnability of pulp drying machines. A pulp producer can obtain significant cost savings by improved press nip profiles for better dewatering, avoid web breaks by better tension control or reach more efficient air drying by optimal parameters.

From timely to condition based-monitoring

Monitoring based on iRoll nip profiles, vibrations and optimization data are some examples where roll condition information is analyzed. This provides security for our customers that the technical solutions and recommended upgrades are based on customers' actual needs and goals.


  • Measures and controls pulp web properties for optimal process control, not only nip properties
  • Removes skewness and other errors in nip load profiles
  • Protects roll covers from over heating
  • Improves sheet tension profiles and runnability of the air dryer
  • Determines correct crowning for roll covers and exact timing for roll changes
  • Monitors condition and tuning of nip loading equipment
  • Measures online hardness profiles for optimal winding of e.g. reeled dissolving pulp products
  • Provides full-speed online profile measurement with high CD-resolution

Implementations of iRoll - see the possibilities from the application tool

The iRoll intelligent roll system can be installed as a permanent nip load profile measurement tool, as a permanent tension profile measurement tool, roll hardness profile measurement tool or as iRoll portable service. For permanent iRoll applications, it must be used in conjunction with a roll cover.

Find optimal iRoll positions for every pulp drying process

iRoll roll cover application tool_pulp_570x170.png


iRoll Press enables online nip profile measurement in press nips to assure optimal dewatering in the nip.

iRoll Temperature measures temperature CD profiles and MD trends online inside the roll cover to optimize air drying – enabling energy savings and excellent runnability.

iRoll Reel provides parent roll hardness profile and online control.

iRoll Winder monitors the end product quality and reveals winding issues such as discontinuities in the nip loading.



Results achieved

Profile variation reduced by 40%
50% reduction in sheet breaks
80% less winder related loss of production

Intelligent Roll remote support service

Valmet's remote support and analysis services connect papermakers to Valmet experts online, if they are using iRoll, roll condition monitoring or other Intelligent Roll Solutions. View case examples here >>

iRoll portable technology can be used for:

  • Measuring nip profiles for determining proper crowns
  • Tuning up equipment parameters, condition tests
  • Improving moisture profiles and air dryers for better runnability and efficiency
  • Press nips, reels and winders
  • Improving tension profile and solving runnability issues
  • Profile related troubleshooting


Keeping your production rocking and rolling!