Discover Valmet MTC Wizard at Tissue Innovation Days 2024: the latest technology enhances Client benefits in Tissue Folding

Jul 8, 2024

On the occasion of the 2024 Valmet Tissue Innovation Days, Valmet unveils Valmet MTC Wizard, its latest cutting-edge technological advancement for Multifold products.

The webinar will take place on July 16th, 2024 in 2 sessions: the first one from 9:30 to 10:00 AM CEST and the second one from 3:30 to 4:00 PM CEST. The presentations will explore the features of this new technology, demonstrating how it redefines production performance and enhances clients' competitive advantage.“The MTC Wizard elevates the production of multi-panel, Z and W fold, away-from-home products such as hand towels. It guarantees high-speed performance, through an innovative folding process, boosting production capacity and overall efficiency.” states Giovacchino Giurlani, the new Director of Technology for the Tissue Converting Business Unit, who will present the advanced features of this high-speed multifolder solution in the upcoming webinar.

MTC Wizard: a game-changer for folded products in the away-from-home market

Paper stress, and wrinkling are common challenges for tissue folding producers. Valmet responds, by presenting MTC Wizard, which effectively minimizes these issues through several technological advancements. Its innovative VAM fold (Vacuum Assisted Mechanical fold) system replaces traditional methods by gently pulling the paper into the clamp through vacuuming, eliminating the wear and tear usually caused by mechanical grippers and tuckers. This leads to reduced maintenance downtime, increased reliability, and performance for single-ply, low-bulk products.

Additionally, the lack of contact between mechanical components minimizes wear, enabling for higher operating speeds of 600 meters per minute (mpm) for 3 and 4 panels and 16 cycles/min. This results in a daily production of up to 55 tons, paving the way in the interfolded household towels market. High efficiency is also ensured by an innovative overlap system that provides several benefits: it eliminates speed differences between moving elements for precise overlap and allows controlled sheet positioning up to the folding rolls without stressing the paper.


Additionally, the added value of this technology includes two of Valmet’s SAM (Self-Adjusting Machine) solutions, namely MTC Sam Vacuum and MTC Sam Cut. These solutions offer significant advantages to customers such as enhanced monitoring of the production process and waste reduction, ensuring seamless operation with minimal manual intervention.


In depth, the MTC Sam Vacuum solution offers precise control over vacuum levels to maintain consistent product quality. It automatically adjusts to save energy and prevent interruptions. Real-time alerts from the HMI (Human-Machine Interface) ensure timely adjustments and proactive maintenance, further enhancing operational smoothness.


The second technology, MTC Sam Cut enhances cutting precision to a new level, by automatically replacing the blades or adjusting cut settings timely increasing performance and preventing downtime. It optimizes blade durability and consistently ensures high-quality sheet after sheet. Its ease-of-use is outstanding and enables operators to focus on other tasks while receiving instant alerts through the HMI or letting automatic adjustments occur seamlessly.


Our primary goal in this project is to optimise the price per ton of multifold away-from-home products. Furthermore, the MTC Wizard's design enables easy access, speeds up maintenance operations, and facilitates cleaning, ultimately increasing operator safety.” adds Giovacchino Giurlani. He concludesThis technology undoubtedly enhances return on investment for Clients by reducing production costs and increasing line production capacity by 30%.

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