Self-Adjusting Machines

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Sam is a solution developed around the idea that a system of machines can autoregulate itself to minimize the risk of quality non-conformities.

Improve O.E.E.

Sam keeps the production process under control and delivers optimal product quality with no impact on the line performance 


Sam ensures simple, fast, reliable and repeatable operations regardless of the operator’s skills, managed directly from the HMI panel. 

Easy to use

Sam timely prevents quality non-conformities and doesn’t require scrapping the log once it has been measured or checked. 

The virtual line supervisor that guarantees consistent quality and performance in tissue converting production 

Sam enables the machines of a production line to identify production patterns, detect any possible deviation from the desired output and make informed decisions with minimal human intervention thus increasing operator safety. 

Acting as a virtual production supervisor, Sam performs real-time and reliable measurements of mission critical properties of both raw material and finished product, regardless the skills and experience of the operator. 

Thanks to the “active” function, Sam automatically adjusts production parameters in-line, therefore improving OEE at system level while extending the life cycle of production assets.  

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