MTC Sam solutions for folded tissue

MTC Sam cut 

Ensure finished product quality

Cut quality is always monitored keeping constant the quality of each log 

Increase efficiency

Replacing the blades or adjusting cut settings timely helps increase performance and prevent downtime. 

Ease of use

Operators can check the status of cutting blades and perform their fine tuning procedure via HMI.

Issue detection
No more product nonconformities or line downtime for bad cut. MTC Sam cut, our automatic patented system, checks the actual log cut quality, sheet by sheet and detects any possible issues.  

No more uncertainties
Until now, the only way to verify the precision of the cutting between each sheet was to sample check logs by pulling them out of the production line. A manual operation that could not guarantee consistency across one check and the other. 

With MTC Sam cut you can now continually check the cutting quality for each sheet while the line is running at any speed. 

Thanks to the “active” functionality, together with the option for motorized cutting blade adjustment, the system can automatically correct any cutting quality deviation. 

A major help for operators
Thanks to MTC Sam cut, operators are now relieved from the responsibility of accessing the cutting quality. They can now receive a warning directly via HMI in case the system detects a quality issue. 


MTC Sam reel 

Ensure finished product quality

Check consistency of product data recipe with parent reel characteristics and  control some operating parameters such as dancer rolls pressure, load cells and paper pull percentage on the folding head. 

Increase efficiency

Line downtime and other process problems are reduced regardless of operators skills. 

Smart management of production materials

Parent reel is tracked from warehouse to converting line

Don’t worry about setting the operating parameters
MTC Sam reel reads the main characteristics of the parent reel, regardless of the supplier, as indicated on the relevant label and suggests the most appropriate settings. 

No more human error
So far, when changing the parent reel, the only way to adjust production parameters was relying on the operators, who determined machine settings based on their experience. This operation could lead to wrong final products or unexpected downtime due to incorrect choices  

Artificial Intelligence for greater flexibility
MTC Sam reel sends the information to the production line and automatically adapts the operating parameters via dedicated software. This is of great help also in the case of product changes as ramp-up errors are minimized and changeover time is shorter. 

MTC Sam vacuum

Ensure the correct vacuum

  • Actual vacuum is managed based on fold head speed and the correct depression set-point such as dancer rolls pressure, load cells and paper pull percentage on the folding head. 

Shorter downtime

  • Prevent stops due to incorrect vacuum level when the characteristics of the paper change 
  • With a warning on the HMI the operator is alerted when the filter is about to clog  

Energy saving

  • Better balance between vacuum pump energy consumption and product features. 

Find the best vacuum level for the product and save energy 
MTC Sam vacuum is a system to manage the best amount of vacuum for each speed of the folding head. With the “active” version, the balance is obtained automatically by adapting the operating parameters of the vacuum pump according to the type and permeability of the paper and process variables. In addition, Sam vacuum detects any possible issue, checks if the filter is clogged and sends a warning when it needs cleaning. 

Possibility of manual control
For skilled operator that prefer to adjust the vacuum parameters based on their experience it is also possible to switch to manual mode. In this case the operator sets manually from HMI the vacuum level for each speed threshold.  

Energy saving
In automatic mode, the inverter frequency is adjusted also based on paper permeability to vacuum. This ensures that energy demand is always in line with the actual need, thus preventing waste and enabling significant savings. 

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions?

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