Perini Sam solutions for tissue rolls

Perini Sam VAR 

Effectively guarantees faster troubleshooting

  • Recording of the area where the fault occurred are collectedand displayed 
  • Only the time before and after the fault are shown 
  • Possibility to rewind, reduce speed, play and zoom 

Reduces downtime

  • This solutions significantly helps to reduce downtimes caused by machines faults 

Ease of use

  • Very user friendly interface on a touch screen monitor 

Featuring the latest technology
Perini Sam VAR has been designed to support the operators in finding the root cause of first alarm, since what the HMI shows is only the last cause of the line stop which can be due to other faults on upstream machines or groups. 

A patented, automatic system
Perini Sam VAR includes a set of cameras and a software system specifically designed to intelligently manage each video recording. 

A smart alarm mapping system
The smart design of Perini Sam VAR allows the operator, once a fault occurs, to automatically migrate the recordings from all the cameras installed in the area where the fault occurred to a dedicated monitor. There the operator can inspect each recording allowing different views and eventually find the root fault cause 

Perini Sam Perf

Ensure finished product quality

  • Control accuracy in the range of few millimeters 
  • Continuous check, or fix with the “active” function, of the perforations at any speed 

Increase efficiency

  • No need to pull logs out of the line for inspection purposes and discard them 
  • Non-conformity threshold to stop the line or automatically adjust the perforation (with “active” function) settable via HMI 

Ease of use

  • Perforation blades continually checked via HMI 
  • Perforation fine-tuning procedure enabled via HMI 
  • Automatic perforation adjustment with “active” function 

Say goodbye to defective rolls
How many times have you had to discard rolls because of a poorly executed perforation job? Well, now those times are over. Perfect tearing of tissue sheets is now possible with Sam perf. 

No more uncertainties
Until now, the only way to verify the precision of the perforation between roll sheets was to sample check logs by pulling them out of the production line. A manual operation that couldn’t guarantee consistency across one check and the other. 

A patented, automatic system
With Perini Sam perf you can now continually check perforation quality while the line is running, at any speed, for each sheet and each roll, with an accuracy in the range of few millimeters. With the “active” function, the error is adjusted automatically. 

A great help for operators
Thanks to Perini Sam perf, operators are now relieved from the responsibility of manually assessing perforation quality. They can set the threshold of non-conformities beyond which an alarm is triggered, or the perforation roll is adjusted automatically (with the function “active”) 


Perini Sam log 

Ensure finished product quality

  • Measure log diameter, firmness and weight during production 
  • Measurement takes place right after the rewinder with the possibility of immediate intervention 

Increase efficiency

  • Algorithm to adjust engraving and rewinding parameters (“active” version) 
  • Measured logs are reintroduced into production line with no scrap 

Ease of use

  • Measurement frequency and production parameters settable via HMI 
  • Adjustment algorithms parameters settable via HMI (“active” version) 

Say goodbye to defective rolls
Perini Sam log is the first quality control system that allows you to check log winding and, if needed, adjust production parameters timely to prevent the risk of non-conformities. Sam log measures the main characteristics of the log, such as diameter, firmness and weight right after the rewinding phase and before the accumulation buffer. 

Controlled via HMI
Perini Sam log sample checks logs while the machine is running, at any speed, with a frequency set by the operator via HMI. Once the various measurements have been performed, the log is then reintroduced into the production line with no scrap at all. 

A compact layout
Perini Sam log is positioned between the tail sealer and the log accumulator and takes up only a limited space. In addition, with the “up” version it is possible to position Sam log right above the tail sealer with no modification whatsoever to the production line layout. This version simplifies the installation of Sam log on existing production lines.