Roll service agreement for tissue production

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Roll agreements by Valmet

Valmet Roll Service Agreement gives you a stress-free life in roll operations. No more surprises or last-minute repairs. Together, we can tailor the agreement to your needs. Whether it’s about roll maintenance, roll covers, replacement rolls, or upgrades, you’ll always get the right combination of services for every stage of the lifecycle. Our intelligent roll solutions and remote support are also available to ease your everyday work and keep the process up and running without interruptions.

Lower your maintenance costs by 10-20%

Increase the roll/equipment efficiency by 2-3%

Reduce capex investment cost by 1-3M€

Systematic approach to improve performance

The goal of roll service agreement is to ensure that customers can meet and exceed the requirements set for their operations. Valmet helps tissue makers to maintain high levels of equipment operations, improve efficiency, and give all-round cost-control of their roll maintenance spend. With the help of roll services and upgrades, roll data management, intelligent roll solutions, continuous improvement, condition monitoring, industrial internet applications as well as audits and shutdown support, the performance of rolls can be raised to a completely new level.

Stress-free life in roll operations

This is achieved by optimizing roll maintenance intervals, adopting best practices related to roll covers, and reducing the number of roll failures and unplanned shutdowns. Roll service agreement is not only a question of maintenance, it is also about making sure the customer has the right technological solutions in place to improve efficiency.

Roll operations for tissue making

Roll Service Agreement strengthens the collaboration through mutually agreed targets

Lower maintenance costs/tonnes

Increase machine efficiency

No workshop investment

Extended roll/equipment running times

Reduce unplanned shutdowns

Response time for support

Shorter service turnaround times

Cost predictability

Condition monitoring & digitalization 

Skills and competences 

Agreement modules based on your needs

Valmet roll service agreement is always tailored to meet specific customer needs. The range of services is grouped into five levels: Transactional, Price agreement, Support and auditing, Maintenance excellence and Asset performance excellence. The choice of service depends on the level of commitment you would prefer.

Transactional  Price agreement Support and Auditing Maintenance excellence Asset performance excellence
  • Reliable high-quality roll covers, roll maintenance, workshop serivices and replacement rolls
  • Transactions handled separately case by case


  • Centralized purchasing and logistic processes
  • Financial predictability
  • Price list approach



  • Secured availability of technical support in shutdowns
  • Periodic inspections / condition monitoring
  • Remote expert support
  • Roll audit to analyze current status


  • Partnership with common targets, KPIs and goals
  • Roll performance optimization
  • Maintenance planning and optimization
  • Condition based and predictive maintenance
  • Continuous improvement
  • Product improvements
  • Process optimization solutions
  • Risk management
  • Ensured performance
  • Extending lifetime of asset
  • Common commitment to customer business targets
  • TCO agreements / Exchange units
  • Benchmarking and best practices in roll performance and maintenance

From time to condition-based roll maintenance

The condition-based maintenance services enable planning maintenance actions based on the actual condition of your equipment. Customers can see a significant reduction in maintenance costs as root causes of faults can been identified and maintenance of rolls will be improved leading to extended roll lifetimes and optimized maintenance intervals. Read more about Intelligent Roll Solutions.

Clear and visual overview to your roll population – Valmet Asset Manager

Valmet Asset Manager is a web-based system which contains all critical roll-related information in one place. It includes, for example, up-to-date roll status and location information to indicate where each roll is in given time frame, availability of spare rolls and running period statistics.

Valmet Asset Manager is an easy-to-use tool for mill-wide information sharing.

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