Process optimization for Board and Paper

Advanced process controls (APC)

Valmet's Advanced Process Controls (APC) for Board and Paper

Maximizing process performance is a critical success factor as it directly increases profitability by increasing production capacity, lowering end-product quality variations, and reducing operational costs.


First, a performance audit is carried out for your board or paper mill. This helps us identify and agree with your optimization areas and provides an estimate of target values (e.g. savings, emissions, etc.). After this, Advanced Process Control (APC) or other optimization solutions in all the identified areas can be implemented to meet the identified target values.

Once we have optimized your production processes for the first time, we can continue to monitor performance and keep optimizing your production processes to ensure that they continually are achieving maximum production performance.


  • Reduced process variations – process variations are minimized improving product quality and/or allowing the process to be operated closer to its optimum operating point
  • Cost savings - less energy and raw materials to deliver target production yield
  • Asset performance prediction - best return on your investments
  • Better operational reliability and flexibility – more stable processes mean less wear on production equipment