Pulp to Paper Optimizer

Automatic stabilization and optimization of the paper process variables

Valmet Pulp to Paper Optimizer is designed to control the properties of the paper by automatically stabilizing and optimizing the process variables to the most cost-effective level while maintaining the agreed quality. This product forms a model of the process data history that it uses to predict the chosen value in real-time and reduce the variance of process variables. Valmet has implemented over 350 Optimizer products worldwide in the past 25 years.


  • Reduction of raw material consumption and thus costs
  • Increased controllability i.e. stability of selected paper variable (e.g. SCT, CMT, Bulk, Burst, Porosity, Internal Bond, Tensile & Tear)
  • Faster reaction time to process changes
  • Fewer errors in process operation
  • Increased consistency via reduced variance between shifts
  • More stable process

Unique Optimization Potential

Valmet will generate final product quality models using multivariate analysis techniques. The quality models will be implemented as online predictions to support operational decisions via quality prediction dashboards (local and in Valmet Cloud).

The process predictions will be used as part of Valmet’s Pulp to Paper Optimizer which utilizes Advanced Process Control (APC) technology with the objective to automatically optimize the process in terms of production, quality, and raw material costs. In this Valmet solution, there is also the ability to utilize dedicated Valmet process analyzers in a unique way, which offers excellence not available from any other similar system.

The primary target for process optimization is to facilitate savings through a more stable process operation. Advanced controls aim to reduce quality variability and stabilize the process, which would allow the process to be moved closer to economic optimum compared with baseline. The Valmet solution is designed to achieve mill quality objectives more accurately. The model will be updated regularly after implementation for long-term improvement.

Valmet Industrial Internet

Valmet Pulp to Paper Optimizer advanced process control (APC) is part of Valmet Industrial Internet (VII) offering. VII combines Valmet's expertise in data science, process expertise, and automation. Remote support for analysis and trouble-shooting are given by Valmet Performance Center.

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