Engineering and maintenance tools

Valmet DNA Automation System

The Valmet DNA Engineering environment contains tools to engineer and maintain plant automation. It is a scalable multiuser environment for concurrent engineering. This tool allows life cycle management for all control applications, field buses, and field devices, as well as network document management. In addition, advanced diagnostic tools offer easy maintenance support for both applications and hardware components.

Engineering and maintenance tools consist of the Engineering Server and possible Engineering Workstation. The engineering server contains a database where all control application and field device parameters are located.

All engineering functions integrated

The heart of Valmet DNA engineering and maintenance is the Valmet DNA Explorer, which offers one easy-to-use configuration and maintenance tool for all control applications, field buses and field devices, as well as for network document management.


It is efficient both in large-scale project executions and in one-loop maintenance tasks. It provides your plant operators and maintenance engineers with a scalable multi-user environment extendable from small to large systems. DNA Explorer also enables remote engineering. Function testing is a way to ensure the functionality of the control application. You can feel confident that the control application is working before downloading it to the controller.

  • Scalable multiuser environment for concurrent engineering
  • DNA Explorer – one configuration and maintenance tool for control applications, field buses like Profinet, Profibus, Ethernet/IP, field devices, and network document management
  • Uniform configuration for all field interfaces
  • Efficient graphical user interface design tool
  • Integrated testing environment
  • State-of-the-art network design, hardware engineering, and documentation tool DNA Network Designer
  • Point and click operation for all tasks: edit, upload/download, check etc.
  • Efficient bulk data handling


  • Easy to use maintenance tool for whole life cycle
  • Powerful functions for engineering and maintenance for the whole life cycle
  • One database for all engineering data
  • Centralized backups of all data
  • Pumpless configuration download to the process

Valmet DNA Engineering Function Block CAD tool is used for designing function block diagrams for process control loops, sequences, links, etc. Function block CAD (FbCAD) provides your mill’s engineers with an illustrative and efficient graphical working environment for designing Valmet DNA applications.


Function block diagrams are saved in one common repository located in the engineering server. At the same time, a function block diagram is a graphical document of an application, which is loaded in the runtime environment. This ensures that the documentation is always up-to-date.

Valmet DNA provides function blocks for controls at all levels, including basic process control, advanced quality, drives, and optimization controls. Fuzzy, MPC and Java function blocks are available as standard. The same tool is used for all control design. You can run the entire plant using the same programming language – a real benefit from a maintenance viewpoint.

Valmet DNA Engineering Sequence CAD

Sequence CAD is used in designing sequence diagrams i.e. sequence programs. Sequence diagrams consist of configuration functions, which may include the process control server's sequence controls as well as the control room's tag, operation, step picture and event functions.

Valmet DNA Picture Designer

Graphics Designer is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) picture design tool. With this tool you easily create impressive process pictures - using an extensive library of three-dimensional devices, tanks, pipelines and other process components.

Virtual Valmet DNA - testing environment

The Function Test tool is a graphical testing interface for engineers. It shows the live data in a CAD diagram, enabling the user to see how the control application is working.


  • Easy-to-use maintenance tool for the whole life cycle
  • Powerful functions for engineering and maintenance for the whole life cycle
  • One database for all engineering data
  • Centralized backups of all data
  • Pumpless configuration download to the process

Intuitive design tool for Valmet DNA hardware layout design

Valmet DNA Network Designer is a tool to design all the layouts of the Valmet DNA: network, fieldbus designs, cabinet and control room layouts etc. Using an easy drag and drop method, users can efficiently design and maintain interactive network pictures. Directly from the pictures, they can connect to the corresponding device to perform maintenance and configuration actions


  • System layouts, control room layouts, cabinet layouts, I/O-labels, connection diagrams Drag-and-drop libraries for all Valmet DNA components
  • Fieldbus design tool and components for PROFINET, Profibus and Ethernet/IP
  • Components including detailed hardware and software information
  • Own component creation
  • Direct connection from drawing to active network component and node
  • Network analysis
  • Excel integration – export and import
  • Part, cable and terminal connection list
  • Snap and glue to shape placeholder
  • Automatic I/O card assembly and I/O labels creation
  • Possibility to generate Valmet DNA Operate diagnostics picture from cabinet layout
  • Analysis of the Ethernet network in system layout based on Microsoft Visio®.


  • Intuitive tool for layouts
  • Detailed product information
  • Efficient tool for Valmet DNA maintenance
  • Excel integration for reporting


Optimize your maintenance costs

As an integral part of the Valmet DNA Explorer, DNA Field Device Manager provides configuration and maintenance capabilities for intelligent field equipment.


DNA Field Device Manager allows for the efficient commissioning of field devices and control applications at the same time. It ensures quick access to relevant information and helps its users find the right solutions rapidly in device malfunctions. As such, it supports proactive field asset management and enables effective planning of future maintenance work. Configuration and maintenance information is available for both process operators and maintenance people in the office.


  • Fast commissioning of field devices
  • Tool for proactive field device asset management helps to see device performance helps to plan maintenance work
  • Field device status for process operators and engineers
  • Fast troubleshooting for field devices.

Better control performance

Valmet DNA Loop Auto Tuner makes tuning PID controllers easy. The tool is integrated into Valmet DNA’s user interface, called Valmet DNA Operate, so that the tool is always available at the user interface when it is needed. Just right-click the controller in the graphic picture and select the tuning function from the action menu.



  • Automated tuning process for a PID controller, consisting of relay feedback testing, model identification, parameter calculation and simulations
  • Easy to use in normal tuning scenarios (loop in local auto-mode, no major disturbances, almost linear dynamics)
  • Available through Valmet DNA Operate
  • Passive tuning mode based on normal day-to-day operations without explicit process tests
  • Easy target speed selection (aggressive, normal, slow, etc)
  • One-page control tuning report for documentation
  • Collected data stored on disc for later use.


  • Fewer oscillations and longer lifetime for field equipment
  • Increased production efficiency
  • Reduced startup time due to faster response to step changes
  • Fewer quality variations, due to better elimination of disturbances
  • No more need for a separate PC for additional control tuning software.