Lifecycle Approach

Valmet DNA Automation System

Always an upgrade path available.

Lifetime systems compatibility

Our lifetime systems compatibility means that there is always an upgrade path available for you. Valmet DNA ensures the future safety of your automation investment. 

Benefit from faster start-ups, shorter shutdowns, and higher availability – with Valmet DNA, your existing systems are never a barrier for growth. As a result, you can enjoy the latest technology at all times, maximizing your competitiveness through the lifecycle of your plant.

Remote control room of Valmet DNA Distributed control system (DCS)
Controllers and I/O for Valmet DNA Distributed control system (DCS)

Scalable to your evolving needs.

Easily add new features, products or subsystems 

You can easily add new control features in response to your production goals, or upgrade your systems in sections, using your existing applications in the upgraded system. Your Valmet DNA network can also contain different generations of subsystems and products within a single system. Compatibility, upgradeability, and connectivity with any Valmet system.


  • Application and communication compatibility with all earlier Valmet control system generations: Damatic XD, Damatic XDi, metsoDNA and metsoDNA CR systems
  • Integration and migration path to any third-party system
  • Secured lifecycle for the future
  • Cost-efficient software upgrade policies
  • Long product lifecycle and support.

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