BCTMP Optimizer

Valmet BCTMP Optimizer is designed to control the properties of the fiber by automatically stabilizing and optimizing the process variables to the most cost-effective level while maintaining the quality agreed with the customer. The product forms a model of the process data history that it uses to predict the chosen value in real-time and reduce the variance of process variables.


  • Reduction of specific energy consumption
  • Reduction of chemical consumption
  • Reduction of brightness variability
  • Faster reaction time to process changes
  • Fewer errors in process operation
  • Increased consistency via reduced variance between shifts
  • More stable process

Valmet BCTMP Optimizer utilizes Advanced Process Control (APC) technology with the objective to automatically optimize the process in terms of production, energy, quality, and raw material costs. Valmet will generate final product quality models using multivariate analysis techniques, and the quality models will be implemented as online predictions to support operational decisions. 

The primary objective of process optimization is to facilitate savings through a more stable process operation. Advanced controls aim to reduce quality variability and stabilize the process, which would allow the process to be moved closer to an economic optimum compared to the baseline.

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