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Former improvements for board and paper making

Customized solutions to ensure better operational reliability and provide a good return on your investment

Former improvement solutions help you to ensure that your  forming section is performing at the highest possible level. With the customized solutions you will improve paper quality, solve runnability problems, improve dewatering, and ensure better operational reliability. You can also expect measurable results, a good return on your investment and cost-effectiveness. 

What are the benefits from improved paper quality? 

Paper quality improvementshelp to improve formation, optimize running parameters, and solve other paper quality issues. You can revieve one or more of the following benefits: 

  • Improved formation, strength properties, profiles, and machine cleanliness for optimal end product quality 
  • Savings in raw materials by reducing the use of chemicals and improving the furnish mix 
  • Improvements in production efficiency through better runnability and fewer breaks 
  • Energy savings with optimized running parameters 

What are the benefits from improved runnability? 

Runnability improvements are aimed at raising the stability of forming section runnability to a new level. You can achieve one or more of the following benefits: 

  • Improved machine cleanliness, edge area control and fabric control for stable runnability 
  • Energy savings through reduced break energy waste and optimized dewatering 
  • Improved efficiency through better runnability and reduced break times 
  • Savings in fresh water consumption 
  • Longer lifetimes of fabrics and ceramics 
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What are the benefits of improved former dewatering? 

Former dewatering management targets maximal dryness with minimal effort. You can achieve  one or more of the following benefits:  

  • Higher sheet dry content for improved production efficiency 
  • Energy savings through optimized water removal and vacuums 
  • Raw materials savings with improved retention and savings in chemicals 
  • Maintenance efficiency through longer lifetimes of fabrics and ceramics and improved cleanliness 

Condition management for former improvements 

Condition management is designed to ensure trouble-free operation and cost-effective maintenance of your forming section. 

  • Taking the right actions at the right time reduces maintenance costs 
  • Improved mechanical condition of the forming section ensures peak performance 
  • Better runnability and minimal downtime boost production efficiency 
  • A well-maintained forming section facilitates good profiles and optimal use of raw materials 
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Forming section configuration optimization 

Flexible Forming System optimizes the forming section configuration for each specific paper grade, while gaining quick, automated positioning during grade changes. Upgrade existing fourdrinier equipment with an adjustable table setup that is customized to your wet end process. 

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