Customer case:

The third life of a papermaking line at Blue Paper after grade conversion

Jul 25, 2018

In a grade conversion rebuild this big, customers always want to be on the safe side as far as risks are concerned. Because the designed forming section was first of its kind, the prototype was tested at the Paper Technology Center in Jyväskylä, Finland. With the promising results of the pilot tests, Blue Paper was willing to implement the rebuild with Valmet.

"With a trimmed width of 8.8 meters, this paper machine in Strasbourg previously produced LWC paper at the speed of 1,600 m/min. After the start-up, the converted machine produces fluting and testliner grades ranging from 70 to 130 g/m2 at a speed of around 1200 m/min."


Location Blue Paper's mill in Strasbourg, France
Solution In the grade conversion rebuild, every single section of the papermaking line needed to be evaluated for its suitability for boardmaking. In the case of Blue Paper, almost no section of the machine remained untouched. The investmet was veryfied by pilot trials in Valmet Paper Technology Center.
Results Grade conversion from LWC paper to production of high-quality fluting grades. At a 72-hour guarantee test run, the machine reached the targeted production in less than 68 hours.

Paper & board, Rebuilds, EMEA

Technical data

Grade Fluting
Basis weight 70 g/m² - 130 g/m² 
Wire width 9350 mm
Design speed 1700 m/min 
Annual capacity 300 000 t/a