Chemical systems improvements for board and paper making

Customized solutions to ensure better operational reliability and provide a good return on your investment

Chemical systems improvements help you to ensure that your chemical systems are performing at the highest possible level. With the customized solutions you will improve paper quality, solve runnability problems and ensure better operational reliability. You can also expect measurable results, a good return on your investment and cost-effective.

Improve paper quality

Better operational reliability

Enable low-carbon production

Improve runnability

Do you want to move towards low-carbon production

Valmet Enzymatic Starch Cooking ZE is a patented starch cooking process for board and paper makers which is designed for starch quality and stability and where process environmental sustainability is crucial. It consists of two separate preassembled units for dissolving and cooking of surface size starch and binder starch. With the built-in heat recovery and new circulation system, it decreases energy consumption and decreases load and cost for water treatment. The new starch circulation system enables starch powder savings of several tonnes per month and decreases the load and cost for water treatment.

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Are you looking for ultrapure water? 

Valmet Ultrafiltration W process is a solution for paper and board mills to produce colloidal, bacteria-free, ultrapure water from the white water. The main targets are reducing fresh water consumption, improving paper machine runnability and production efficiency, and controlling the energy balance. Compact modules and service-friendly design and the Valmet Ultrafilter CR is the heart of the process.

Screening concept for quality and runnability

The screening concept is designed to improve both paper quality and coating process runnability. We offer solutions for every application, from raw material handling to screening coating color in the supply system. The OptiScreen-50 technology is based on proven Valmet know-how and experience of over 2500 delivered screens. Our desingners have paid special attention to the operation and maintainability of the screens. 

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Upgrading existing approach flow system

The OptiFeed approach flow concept is an integrated wet-end system designed to meet the specific needs of paper grade production. With a customized approach system featuring Valmet's advanced solutions, board and paper makers can ensure high stock quality and smooth paper machine runnability. OptiDeair Centrifugal and Optimixer solutions are suitable for both new installations and when upgrading existing systems.

Do you want to know more about process upgrades?

Do you want to know more about process upgrades?

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Safe and secure machine operations

We offer solutions for every application, from raw material handling to screening coating color in the supply system. Our machine controls are based on our solid process know-how and machine development expertise. Together with our industry-leading measurements and actuators, the foundation for machine control couldn't be any stronger.

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