Customer case:

APP Jingui BM2: Moving towards a low-carbon operation

Feb 16, 2023

In 2021, APP Group successfully started up their new Jingui BM2 machine. The Valmet-supplied technology used in BM2 helps the company meet its goals for low-carbon operations. Part of the delivery was an Enzymatic Starch Cooking ZE unit.

Proces upgrade and improvment in APP Jinqui BM2
The starch cooking system in the CCK workshop adopts the new integrated technology to collect waste heat from the cooking process for heating fresh water. Recycling hot water is in line with our targets for low carbon operations. The integrated design improves our field installation efficiency. It covers a smaller and more compact area than before, and the operation is easy to master.”
Lin Xiupeng, Chief of Paper Chemical Section


Location APP Guangxi Jingui Qinzhou, China
Customer target The unit is part of a solution helping APP reach their goals of low-carbon production, and environmentally efficient and sustainable operation.

Valmet delivered:

  • Surface size starch preparation
  • Binder starch preparation
  • Capacity range exceeding 120 tn/d (D.S)

It consists of two pre-assembled and pre-tested skid units with patented process solutions for a super-wide capacity range of 20-120 ton per day dry solids. The cooking system offers a fully continuous process with circulation loops resulting in zero wasted starch due to continuous operation even during the normal production stops. It will constantly produce fresh, stable, and high-quality starch. The built-in heat recovery is utilized in integrated hot water preparation resulting in energy savings and decreased load and cost for water treatment.


Heat recovery system:

  • 3500 MWh of heat energy collected per year (verified)
    • Equals up to 20 tons/steam per day
    • Savings up to 100,000 €/per unit
    • Substantially shorter pay pack time for investment
    • Reduction of 1000 tons of CO2 emissions if fossil fuels are used

    • Reduction of 400 tons of CO2 emissions if municipal waste is used

Collected energy is used to heat up water at the mill

Starch circulation system:

  • When in use, starch savings are several tons per month
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Technical data

Grades Coated white cardboard. Ivory board grades (folding boxboard, FBB) with the basis weight range of 190-330 g/m2.
Technical information The design speed of the machine is 1,450 m/min and the daily capacity approx. 4,200 tonnes.
Start-up December 2021


Monetary savings (ROI) 100 000€ / year (estimated) for energy collection only