Customer case:

Optimization and better performance with Advanced Process Controls

Asia Symbol, currently the biggest wood pulp producer in China, relies on Valmet Recovery Boiler Optimizer advanced process control (APC) solution on the company's pulp line (PL12) recovery boiler. The solution helps the customer to reduce operating costs, eliminate process variations, optimize control, and improve production efficiency. Valmet and Asia Symbol also have an annual service agreement for Valmet analyzers that contains for example expert support, audit service, shut down service.

Recovery Boiler Optimizer at Asia Symbol
Asia Symbol and Valmet have a long cooperation relationship. Valmet experts listened to our needs and provided the exact solution we wanted. With Valmet’s advanced process control we will achieve the best combustion efficiency and stable operation performance for this pulp line.
Wang Bin, Director of automation department, Asia Symbol
Location China

Need to optimize the performance of the recovery line process to ensure process competitiveness with the latest technology.

Targeted benefits
  • Reduce energy and chemical costs
  • Eliminate production constraints
  • Optimize control and eliminate process variations
Keywords Advanced Process Control, Automation, China

Valmet Recovery Boiler Optimizer

Valmet Recovery Boiler Optimizer controls black liquor burning, air feeding, and furnace processes. Air feeding controls together with black liquor feeding controls form the basis for efficient furnace operation at the desired excess oxygen level.