Efficient cooking for higher, sustainable production

Valmet Continuous Cooking Optimizer

Valmet Continuous Cooking Optimizer

The Valmet Continuous Cooking Optimizer ensures you can produce the maximum amount of optimum quality pulp by stabilizing cooking conditions and eliminating disturbances.

0.5-1% - increased yield

20-50% - less Kappa variability

0.5-2% - production increase

Optimized shives and reduced process stoppages

The Valmet Continuous Cooking Optimizer provides a range of tools to help you get the most out of your cooking process. By optimizing Kappa with lower variability, you get better yield from continuous cooking, achieving same production with less wood. Cooking with a higher Kappa level enables chemical savings due to the lower alkali consumption.

Better cooking control reduces shives and helps alleviate screening or refining capacity limitation. With the correct liquor to wood ratio in all cooking zones and stable chip levels, you also get few processes stoppages. Disturbances are automatically detected at an early stage for fast recovery.

The optimizer also provides operators with tools to execute production rate and pulp grade changes automatically. Automatic cooking control frees the operator from routine duties to concentrate on more demanding tasks.

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Get a personalized ROI calculation

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