Valmet Cooking Liquor Analyzer

Valmet Cooking Liquor Analyzer (Valmet Alkali C) makes accurate liquor chemistry measurements and analyses easily accessible online. The automatic sampling provides key laboratory-standard results at the touch of a screen, keeping personnel safe while giving real-time information so operators can react fast and effectively, to better manage the alkali profile.

The cooking management tool truly integrated into the process


  • Automatic laboratory sampling for best view of cooking process
  • Accurate measurements – from white liquor to zero residual alkali concentrations
  • Visual profile, touch screen interfaces
  • Centralized multi-point analyzer concept
  • Freely programmable
  • Flexible platform structure


  • Safe – access to information, sampling, and equipment upkeep
  • Well-managed alkali profile – stabilized cooking process, reduced kappa variability, more efficient chemical usage, improved yield
  • Rugged design with high availability
  • Fast start-up and integration into current system
  • Easy, cost-effective future adaptability
  • Long equipment lifetime and low maintenance
  • Convenient maintenance and service options