Valmet Corrosion Reduction Analyzer

Valmet Corrosion Reduction Analyzer for power boilers

Corrosion is a phenomenon that occurs nowadays more often in power boilers superheaters because of increased use of biomass and recycled fuels. For the first time for power boilers, there is now an eye to the process conditions. Valmet has designed an analyzer measuring chlorines from combustion gases.

Provides true-time information of process conditions enabling efficient fuel diet control for minimizing corrosion of superheaters


  • A unique solution which takes hot combustion gas for online analysis
  • Sampler probe can be installed and maintained during boiler operation
  • Measuring total chlorine from sample liquid solution


  • Tool for minimizing superheater corrosion
  • Efficient fuel diet control with real-time information from process conditions
  • Useful information about fuels chlorines for the purchasing process