Valmet Paper Lab - Automated board and paper testing laboratory

Manual paper quality testing in laboratory does not meet the needs of today’s production timewise. The manual testing consumes more time than automated testing, as the capacity is not always available like the automated testing would be and the manual input of results to quality systems is prone to human errors. Valmet Paper Lab is a fully automatic, heavy duty testing system for board and paper applications. With a wide range of measurement modules to meet the widely varying needs of different mills, it offers a package optimized for top performance.


Valmet Paper Lab, an automated board and paper quality testing laboratory, streamlines your end product quality management.

End product quality testing function can be streamlined in the laboratory by automated testing - or the testing function can also be placed next to the production line. Valmet Paper Lab is suitable for testing all grades of paper and board. The analyzer offers the widest selection of industry standard tests with over 400 reported properties.



Wide range of measurement modules

Valmet Paper Lab testing modules comply with standards established by ISO and the paper industry’s major technical associations. In fact, the automated tests are more accurate and repeatable than the manual tests they replace. That means you can rely on Valmet Paper Lab to report reliable information when evaluating your paper & board quality. Each module arrives fully factory certified and ready to perform. Accurate testing can begin in a matter of hours.


List of the available modules:

Tensile Strength
Smoothness Bendtsen
Smoothness Parker Print Surf (PPS)
Smoothness Sheffield
Smoothness Bekk
Smoothness Porosity-Oken
Porosity Bendtsen
Porosity Gurley
Porosity Sheffield
UV Color
Gloss Tappi 75°
Basis Weight
Tensile Stiffness Orientation
Short-Span Compression (SCT)
Bending Stiffness (Board and Paper models)


Proven results

Over 300 Paper Lab deliveries globally in over 30 years is a living statement of Valmet Paper Lab performance. Valmet Paper Lab has streamlined the quality testing of the end product for both paper and board makers by providing reliable and rapid measurement results. The results are most often used either as a quality stamp for the end product or for the paper or board machine operation optimization - providing fast payback for your investment.


Focus on usability

Ergonomics and ease of use were key considerations in the design. The easy-to-use graphical user interface and the sample feeding system provide personal wellbeing through improved user experience. The low noise level of Valmet Paper Lab makes the analyzer suitable for continuous use in closed laboratory environment.

The safety of use has been a key aspect in the product design. For example, the user safety has been secured by automated frame opening, and the shutting of frame is done by using two separate buttons.

Customer success stories

Varaka Kagıt entrusted its quality to Valmet Paper Lab

Varaka Kagıt entrusted its quality to Valmet Paper Lab

The SEKA Balıkesir plant has started to run again. The name of the factory has been changed to Varaka Kagıt, and the optimization works have been going on since April 2019. The first Valmet Paper Lab in Turkey started to run along with the first machine with 1000 tons per day capacity commissioned in the first stage of the investment planned in two stages.

Valmet Paper Lab takes off after its renewal

Valmet Paper Lab takes off after its renewal

The first commercial project for the updated Valmet Paper Lab was successfully finalized at Mondi Bupak site in Czech Republic during the summer of 2018. Mondi Bupak specializes in the production of high quality corrugated boxes, where the paper quality testing for the incoming paper for corrugating was changed from manual laboratory testing to automated with Valmet Paper Lab.

YFY Group China: Valmet Paper Lab stabilizes quality and reduces costs

YFY Group China: Valmet Paper Lab stabilizes quality and reduces costs

China’s Yuen Foong Yu Yangzhou paper mill relies on automated laboratory testing with Valmet Paper Lab to ensure its container board meets the most critical requirements. Key benefits reported by the mill include higher frequency of tests, better repeatability, less manual labor and faster feedback time to the operators.

Sappi expands Competence Centre for Speciality Papers in Alfeld with new Paper Lab

Sappi expands Competence Centre for Speciality Papers in Alfeld with new Paper Lab

With the opening of its new Paper Lab, Sappi continues to add functionality to the Competence Centre for Speciality Papers and Boards at its Alfeld mill. “This Paper Lab will enable us to take our consistently high quality paper product to an entirely new level,” says Kristof Mertens, Manager for Quality Control at Sappi.