Valmet Chip 'n' Bark Moisture Analyzer

Valmet Chip 'n' Bark Moisture Analyzer

The Valmet Chip 'n' Bark Moisture Analyzer (Valmet CBA) offers pulp mills a new tool to advance productivity and efficiency. Continuously measuring wood chip moisture optimizes digester operation and when applied to monitor bark moisture the analyzer can help improve boiler efficiency.

New and innovative wood chip and bark moisture measurement

The traditional measurement of chip or bark moisture takes place in the laboratory by oven drying samples, with results often not available for 12 to 24 hours. Valmet CBA is a new online analyzer that replaces the time consuming oven dry laboratory measurement by utilizing microwave technology to continuously measure chip or bark moisture.

Chip moisture measured before the digester is essential for accurate cooking liquor addition control as moisture variations change the liquor/wood ratio affecting pulp yield and kappa number. When measuring bark moisture, Valmet CBA provides an immediate indication of heating value to allow optimization of fuel feeding and supplementary fuel use. 


Benefits of Valmet CBA

  • Accurate on-line chip moisture measurement before the digester or solid biofuel moisture before the power boiler
  • Real time measurement vs one sample per shift
  • Continuous measurement for more accurate process control
  • Non-ionizing radiation does not require any permission procedure

Benefits in cooking:

  • Enables better chip mixture management
  • Enables better liquor-to-wood control
  • Enables accurate dry wood flow to calculate yield
  • Enables chemical savings


Benefits in power boiler

  • Enables early detection of abnormal changes in moisture content
  • Enables minimizing fluctuations in power production
  • Enables achieving of desired power demand
  • Enables more reliable and profitable boiler operation


Challenges in conventional moisture measurement

  • Lack of continuous reliable moisture measurement and information
  • Representative samples needed for accurate calculations
  • Laboratory sampling causes delays

Influence of chip moisture in cooking:

  • Chip air removal efficiency
  • Low moisture content makes liquor impregnation difficult
  • Kappa number variability
  • Pulp yield
  • Pulp quality
  • Calculation of the exact amount of wood mass in the digester

Biofuel moisture variation can affect:

  • Disturbances in power production
  • Fuel heat content unstable
  • Boiler capacity decrease
  • Unstable and inaccurate load control

Designed for real use

Valmet CBA can be used with a moisture measurement range of 0-70% and for all wood species. An optional heating system can be utilized to address frozen material while cutting features can tear through large chip material.

Valmet CBA main assembly consists of installation parts, sampling unit and Valmet CBA sensor. The measurement unit is positioned outside the main process, which gives easy access for any maintenance needs.

Comprehensive Industrial Internet access is available and the functions, data and alarms of Valmet CBA can also be accessed remotely or through an Ethernet connection.

The robust construction and design ensures that everything is straightforward,
from installation to a long life and trouble-free operation.

  • Reliable screw based sampling
  • Moisture range of 0–70 %
  • Built-in calibration routine
  • Industrial Internet remote access

Valmet optimization services and solutions

Through Valmet’s optimization services and solutions, you can optimize
your process performance for maximized success in reaching your
production goals. Valmet’s advanced process control options can off er greater transparency and control through better optimization. Savings can be seen in energy and raw materials required to deliver your production yield. A stabilized process brings enhanced product quality and less wear on production
equipment. Long-term minded solutions mean that process and production
performance is continuously monitored to ensure that gains are maintained over time.

Valmet’s optimization solutions and innovative measurements come together for greater opportunities in enhancing operations, and being a flexible addition to your production.