Valmet Fiber Furnish Control for secured refiner operation

Refining is a key process in paper making that determines final product quality but typically, refiner controls have been based only on specific energy or freeness targets where key fiber properties such as fiber length, fines, shives and fibrillation are overlooked.

The Valmet Fiber Furnish Control application package stabilizes refiner operation based on the real time measurement of multiple fiber properties and Freeness provided by the Valmet Fiber Furnish Analyzer (Valmet MAP Q). Utilizing especially sophisticated feedback and feedforward solutions together with model predictive control Valmet Fiber Furnish Control is a fully integrated application package, including diagnostics and safety interlocks as well as training and support for commissioning the control.

Key fiber properties taken into account

In combination with the freeness, Valmet MAP Q continuously measures the key fiber properties for the control to adjust the specific energy setpoint. Another crucial element of the control is stock consistency which affects how energy is transferred to the fibers. Using Valmet’s consistency measurements, developed especially for refining and other pulp and paper processes provides reliable, accurate and durable measurements to augment the intelligent control functions.



  • Improved paper machine runnability and productivity
  • Faster grade changes and start-up
  • Improved and more stable pulp quality
  • Increased energy efficiency and refiner segment life
  • Improved printing and converting performance

Capable of being fully integrated into an existing Valmet DNA Automation System or Valmet IQ Quality Control System, the Valmet Fiber Furnish Control application is also available as a stand-alone version including all necessary basic licenses plus hardware if required.

Fiber Furnish Analyzer

Valmet Fiber Furnish Analyzer (Valmet MAP Q) provides paper, board, and tissue makers with fast and precise online updates of key fiber and papermaking furnish properties. It represents the state of the art in online fiber analysis, building upon continuous advancements by Valmet over the past forty years.