All-in-one pulp quality analysis

Valmet Pulp Expert


Meet new market demands with the Valmet Pulp Expert. A multifaceted online analyzer, the Pulp Expert boosts testing capacity with accurate, timely data you can leverage to meet the high expectations of modern pulp and paper production.

Over 20 measurements with laboratory-level accuracy in one solution

Completely eliminates need for time-consuming wet lab work

Increase testing capacity 10-fold with automated pulp analysis

Keep up with demanding pulp quality control

The high-performance Valmet Pulp Expert is the perfect choice for any pulp and papermaking applications. Equally suitable for the mill floor and the laboratory, the Pulp Expert provides you with a complete, standards-based set of measurements.

The Valmet Pulp Expert can test both automatic and manual pulp samples. Get up to 5,000 individual measurement results per day with high-capacity measurement modules. With a wealth of real-time data, you can take faster corrective actions and improve quality, all while saving on costs associated with testing and analysis.

Optimize paper quality by knowing pulp quality

When you monitor pulp quality with the Valmet Pulp Expert, you get verifiable positive impacts across all key quality indexes. By knowing the properties of each component and mixture, you can minimize higher-priced components and still achieve your target end product quality.

The Valmet Pulp Expert delivers the insights you need to reduce the use of expensive pulps in stock blending, for example, while maintaining uniform paper quality and keeping runnability high. You can also save energy through optimizing pulping time and accurately determining refiner efficiency and fiber development for a specific furnish.

Pulp quality analyzer sampling

Extreme versatility in a simple solution

Thanks to its flexible, modular platform, you can create your own Pulp Expert with the exact set of measurements you need. Every measurement is reliably performed according to official standards. This fully automatic pulp laboratory is the only solution you need for complete specification of pulp quality.

In the lab, the Valmet Pulp Expert helps laboratory personnel significantly increase the frequency of routine measurements. Save time on calibration follow-up measurements, for example, or research work. With the Pulp Expert taking care of the regular tasks, you can concentrate on more challenging development work.

Automatic, reliable sampling

A single Valmet Pulp Expert supports 16 automatic sampling lines. Sampling points can be up to 100 meters away. With so much automated sampling capacity, you can reduce manual sampling for many measurements. Advanced modeling tools also help adjust measurements to incorporate new variables or easily recalculate results after a unit change.

The automated sample conditioning supports both cold and hot disintegration. The automatic cold disintegration effectively turns coarse or clumped pulp samples into homogenous mixes for reliable measurement. The Valmet Pulp Expert also features hot disintegration to remove latency from thermomechanical pulping samples. It is the only automatic hot disintegrator on the market.

Specially designed to comply with ergonometric standards, you can comfortably control the Valmet Pulp Expert through the built-in touch screen or using the wireless keyboard and integrated mouse. Based on Windows, the user interface is familiar territory, and support for several languages makes working with the analyzer even easier.

Safe, low-maintenance operation

The Valmet Pulp Expert provides a safe working environment and easy access to the measurement modules. An advanced alarm system is initiated by user-definable variables and provides important diagnostics.

The sample handling and sheet formation are designed specifically to reduce the need for maintenance and to improve overall operations. In addition, an insulated computer compartment, which features a closed-loop cooling system, provides a secure location for sensitive electronics.

PulpExpert quality analyzer results

Share pulp data through any channel

With 10 times more testing capacity than comparable laboratory testing and 10 times the speed, you get a tremendous amount of data. All measurement results are immediately available, and the Valmet Pulp Expert stores two years’ worth of results as well.

Sample measurement results are presented in graphic form and hard numbers that are fully configurable. A wide range of excellent reporting tools are available along with an extensive set of integration options.

The Valmet Pulp Expert supports 16 different communication protocols that can be used to transfer sample identification data and measurement results. The same reports are readily available locally at the Pulp Expert, from the control room and the back office.


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Basic unit

Optional modules

Sample conditioning

Consistency (gravimetric) Fiber properties Cold or Hot Disintegrator
Drainage (CSF, SR°) Shive content  
  Optical characteristics (brightness, UV brightness, light scattering, and color)  
  Dirt Count  
  Tensile strength  
  Tear strength  
  Burst strength  
  Conductivity and pH from automatic sampling line