Valmet Recovery Ash Analyzer

Valmet Recovery Ash Analyzer offers an innovative online solution for measuring ash composition at the electrostatic precipitator (ESP) and ash treatment reject liquids. Additionally, it calculates the critical ash melting temperatures to determine fouling and corrosion risks.

Valmet Recovery Ash Analyzer and Valmet Ash Balance Advisor 

Valmet Recovery Ash Analyzer measures the complete chemical balance, carbonate (CO3), sulfate (SO4), chloride (Cl), potassium (K) and sodium (Na) concentrations. The analyzer measurement results are used by the Valmet Ash Balance Advisor to calculate how much ash needs to be treated or dumped to maximize live steam temperature and minimize corrosion and fouling risks while keeping sodium losses and operational costs at an optimal level. If a corrosion risk is identified, the Advisor calculates how much ash needs to be treated or dumped and determines the associated sodium make-up costs.

The result is enhanced removal of chloride and potassium from the recovery loop and with a reduction of ash dumped, the maximum recovery of expensive sodium.

Maximize recovery boiler availability

  • True cost optimization between boiler production capacity, make-up chemical costs, electricity generation, and environmental load
  • Analyze all main ash components as mass percent
  • Online ash melting point information as T0, T15, T70
  • Patented dry ash sampler
  • Reject samplers for ash treatment systems
  • First online solution to measure and control recovery boiler ash


Valmet Ash Balance Advisor shown at Valmet DNA User Interface