All-in-one quality analyzer for the entire fiberline

Valmet Fiberline Analyzer

Valmet Fiberline Analyzer (formerly known as Valmet Kappa Analyzer, Kappa QC)

The Valmet Fiberline Analyzer (formerly Valmet Kappa Analyzer) is a multi-analyzer platform for all key fiberline measurements. One analyzer serves the entire fiberline, measuring kappa, brightness, HexA, lignin, fibers and shives.

Improve pulp quality and production yield

Reduce chemical usage and raw materials

Raise operational efficiency with trouble-free sampling

Savings through speed and precision

Valmet Fiberline Analyzer enables pulp makers to improve total pulp quality management. Boost process stability and gain major savings in chemical costs from the digester blow line right up to final pulp storage.

Pulp measurements and inline sensor information are combined with real-time production targets to provide setpoints for chemical controls from the digester to final bleaching stages.

For fiber and shives measurement, the Valmet Fiberline Analyzer uses the latest ultra-high-definition camera technology. Kappa and brightness measurement utilizes the latest optical techniques to assess pulp samples. The analyzer can have one cabinet or two cabinets with single or dual chambers for extra speed.

All-in-one quality analyzer for the entire fiberline

Superior and safe sampling

The multipoint, one-window analyzer allows for easy viewing and access to accurate measurements and analyses from one location. With the built-in touch screen display, all analyzer parameters, sequences and diagnostics are instantly available.

Up to 16 automatics sampling points keep personnel safe while providing accurate laboratory-standard results and analysis. Operators can better optimize process conditions at each process stage within the fiberline.

The analyzer uses advanced adaptive sampling techniques with process and transport water pressure monitoring. The measurement is consistency controlled, so the analyzer remains unaffected by process variation. Sample preparation can serve both analyzer and laboratory needs.

Safe pulp quality analyzer for fiberline

Performance for a lifetime

Only the necessary components are at sampling locations, so that important components are minimized in harsh environments, such as next to process piping. Self-cleaning features ensure analyzer operates trouble free.

The centralized location of the most critical sample handling and measurement modules provides safe entry for maintenance and helps prolong equipment lifetime. Remote configuration and operation as well as Valmet Industrial Internet (VII) enable specialist support from Valmet around the world.

Sampler performance

Key measurements

  • Robust and safe sampler solutions for different process conditions
  • Process and water pressure measurement to ensure reliable sample transportation
  • Automatic sample recognition for reliable sampling
  • Final shive screening before the analyzer
  • Powerful hot water washing to ensure that clean pulp sample is measured
  • Kappa measurement from 0-120
  • ISO brightness measurement range 20–95 (% ISO)
  • New Continuous Kappa and brightness for bleach line applications with Valmet
  • Brightness Measurement (Valmet Cormec5 X)
  • Hexenuronic Acid (HexA) and lignin content
  • Fiber Properties with new UHD camera
  • Shives measurement
  • Automatic wood species recognition


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