Customer case:

More accurate and reliable Kappa numbers

Visy Tumut is an integrated pulp and paper mill with kraft pulp mill and two board machines on the same site, producing high-quality 100% virgin pulp serving its own board machines and international market. It is the only kraft mill in Visy Industries in Australia. To ensure the highest pulp quality, more accurate and reliable Kappa numbers are needed as a feedback on how well their continuous digester meets the set pulp quality targets.

Visy Tumut ensures the highest pulp quality with Valmet Kappa Analyzer
For the first time, accurate and reliable Kappa number in over 10 years, and very dynamic correlation. Valmet Kappa Analyzer measures deviation, monitors the chemicals, improves the pulp quality with high frequency, eventually increase cooking yield. Primary savings in energy and chemicals.”
Gary Le Rous, Mill Technical Manager
Location Visy Tumut mill
Customer challenge stabilize and ensure the high pulp quality
Solution Valmet Kappa Analyzer to provide more accurate and reliable Kappa numbers
More accurate and reliable Kappa numbers with high frequency; variation reduction, more stable production; more efficient compared with lab; for operators, easy to use and predict what’s happening, and correct, troubleshooting and more focus on control quality; very low maintenance need, 
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Fiberline Analyzer

Valmet Fiberline Analyzer measures kappa, pulp lignin, brightness, HexA and fiber properties. It is the only pulp quality analyzer for the entire fiberline.

Analyzers and measurements

We in Valmet believe that analyzers and measurements are the key cornerstones for successful process controls and optimization. We offer a wide portfolio of analyzers for different pulping and papermaking process needs.