Valmet Fiber Image Analyzer

The Valmet Fiber Image Analyzer, known as the Valmet FS5, enables pulp and paper mills to unlock the true value potential of their raw material for optimum end product quality. With the new compact and user-friendly unit, you can benefit from a wider range of available measurements combined with improved usability and reliability resulting in savings in terms of both time and resources. As a result you can ultimately achieve considerable returns in even a short time span.

New technology, increased measurement capacity, ease of use and improved connectivity enable pulp and paper mills to unlock the true potential of their raw material. Vessel cell, fiber entanglement and minishive/floc recognition based on neural network classification plus fiber fibrillation and advanced fines particle measurements are added to the already familiar fiber dimension, fines, coarseness, curl and HW/SW ratio measurements. Designed for routine pulp and paper mill laboratory use as well as laboratory research, Valmet Fiber Image Analyzer (Valmet FS5) offers a comprehensive set of automated fiber measurements.



The Valmet FS5 is individually customizable, equipped with only the measurements you select, and easily programmable for customized analysis and reporting. The increased analysis speed is enhanced by automatic consistency adjustment, allowing samples to be inserted without any special preparation, effectively eliminating operator error. 

The introduction of neural network classification and modeling offers new tools for the estimation and prediction of the physical properties of pulp and their effect on end product quality. External fiber fibrillation, available as a fibrillation index, provides the key to developing fiber to fiber bonds and resultant strength in a paper, board or tissue sheet.

BenefitsValmet Fiber Image Analyzer FS5 detail

  • Suitable for a wide variety of
    customer needs
  • Comprehensive set of available measurements
  • Savings through ease and speed of operations
  • Increased accuracy with less chance
    of human error
  • Increased availability and reliability through easy maintenance and automatic self-cleaning
  • Supported by Valmet’s global
    service network 


Measuring a wide variety of fibers

  • Pulp and paper
  • Recycled fibers
  • Synthetic fibers
  • Numerous other non-wood fibers: Cotton, hemp, jute, flax, tobacco etc.

Fiber portfolio

Valmet offers solutions based on the same technology for online and offline measurements. Offline measurements like the ones obtained with the Valmet FS5 can be easily used to verify online fiber measurements carried out with one of Valmet’s pulp or kappa analyzers.


Available measurementS
Fiber dimensions (length and width)
Fines particles
Optical and gravimetric coarseness
Hardwood/Softwood ratio
Kink index
Vessel cells
Mini shives
Fiber bundles
Cell wall thickness

Image obtained from Valmet Fiber Image Analyzer

Customer success stories

Valmet Fiber Image Analyzer helps dig more deeply into fibers and particles

Valmet Fiber Image Analyzer helps dig more deeply into fibers and particles

The University of Eastern Finland is looking for a more detailed understanding of fibers with the Valmet Fiber Image Analyzer.

Hyogo Pulp invests in both quality and process control

Hyogo Pulp invests in both quality and process control

Hyogo Pulp Tanigawa mill recently invested in new measurement technology from Valmet, to ensure the highest quality of pulp in addition to improving process efficiency.

Success is measured in results and returns

Measurable savings can be achieved through several different revenue streams. There is a wide variety of applications and uses for the Valmet FS5 device that result in improved process efficiency and monetary savings down the line.

  • Quality assurance
  • Optimization of process stages and raw materials
  • Benchmarking
  • Process testing
  • Trouble-shooting
  • R&D tool