Customer case:

Oji Paper utilizes the latest fiber optics technology

Dec 10, 2020

Oji Paper, part of the Oji Group, is a Japanese printing, writing, and packaging paper producer. They bought a new Valmet FS5 for research laboratory testing in 2019. Oji Group’s Innovation Promotion Division is developing the company’s papermaking technology, studying how to utilize wood resources in new fields, and developing highly functional films.

Oji Paper utilizes Valmet FS5 for research and development
We use Valmet FS5 to compare raw material characters and to evaluate raw materials from different sources. We observe especially the fiber length to review fiber cutting results. The measurement speed is an important factor for us as we measure a great number of samples every day. Sample treatment of coarseness measurement has also become easier. Overall, our work efficiency and data calculation accuracy have improved.
Kota Chubachi, Researcher at Oji Paper


Location Japan
  • To find the fastest fiber morphology measurement available for research and quality control
  • Improve laboratory work efficiency by making the sample preparation process easier
  • Expand the final product application portfolio with advanced particle and fiber measurements
  • Valmet Fiber Image Analyzer (Valmet FS5) with UHD technology
  • Image analysis based on automated consistency control function to speed and ease up sample preparation
  • Possibility to easily calibrate optical coarseness measurement with a conventional measurement method
  • Work efficiency and data calculation accuracy of the research team have improved
  • Easier sample treatment
  • Faster measurement
Keywords Fiber Image Analyzer, Automation, Japan