Customer case:

Mercer Rosenthal uses continuous chip moisture measurement for optimized chemical dosing

Feb 15, 2023

Mercer Rosenthal, Germany, have relied on continuous moisture measurement, that uses microwave technology, to get more knowledge on the exact water content in order to optimize their chemical dosing to the digester.

Mercer Rosenthal mill has a Valmet Chip 'n' Bark Moisture Analyzer
With the Valmet CBA we get more knowledge about the moisture content on input of digester. This could be the basis for future optimizations.
Michael Kämmer, Process Engineer Fiberline


Location Mercer Rosenthal GmbH, Germany
Customer challenge

Continuous measurement to improve process productivity and efficiency.


Valmet Chip 'n' Bark Moisture Analyzer

  • Continuous measurements with less laboratory sampling
  • More information available than with standard laboratory sample
  • Reliable moisture input for more accurate process control
  • Exact water content data for digester chemical dosage
Keywords Pulping and fiber, Europe, Automation, fiberline, chip moisture content