Valmet Vapor Recycling

Valmet’s Vapor Recycling can help save high pressure steam.

The innovative vapor recycling concept makes it possible to evaporate to high dry solids using only LP steam. High pressure steam can be saved for other uses in the mill.

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Improved heat transfer

In Valmet’s Vapor Recycling evaporator, recycled vapor flows over the liquor film. This creates turbulence in the film, and improves the heat transfer.

Valmet’s Vapor Recycling evaporators enable efficient evaporation of high viscosity liquors, using only LP steam.





Suzano Papel e Celulose Limeira, Brazil

Falling film evaporation plant with 6-effect heat economy. Concentrator with Valmet vapor recycling. Evaporator capacity: 370 tons/h, 75% DS product. Greatly improved condensate quality.

CMPC Celulose Riograndense, Brazil

Complete new train with on-demand washing and a concentrator with Valmet Vapor Recycling technology. Evaporation capacity: 430 tons/h, 75% DS product.

Our expertise is at your service

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