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Valmet employees working together

We believe that the best business result comes from diverse teams of skilled individuals working together to bring value to our customers. One of our biggest assets as a company are the skills and competences of our people. We’re focused on enabling our people to take an active role in their learning and career in several ways – take a sneak peek to some of them below!

Feel the support

When you start your journey at Valmet, you will begin with our onboarding program. Our onboarding program allows you to hit the ground running and start learning about Valmet as soon as you join. You will get to understand what Valmet’s strategy is and how your position contributes to it. You’ll also learn about our customers, our business and all the essential things regarding your new role. You’ll have a buddy assigned to you during your onboarding period – your “go to” person for questions and for finding your way around the organization.

At Valmet we support successful work-life integration throughout a person’s career with us. Work-life integration is Valmet’s view on creating balance between work and the rest of life taking into consideration different life situations, generational needs and local preferences. You will be encouraged to explore the six aspects of successful work-life integration, namely staying connected, building resilience and adapting to change, managing workload, professional growth, life goals and healthy lifestyle. Read more about benefits at Valmet.


Perform at your best

To help you to perform at your best, you will have annual discussions to co-define your performance and development targets with your manager, as well as follow up discussions to ensure needed support and feedback. In some cases, these discussions can be held as team discussions. You will also get feedback from your colleagues, who can send you a virtual “High Five”, i.e. positive feedback, thanks, encouragement or similar. And you can send one to your colleagues too!

Our pay-for-performance culture encourages employees to achieve their targets and to strive for excellent performance. All employees are eligible for a performance reward or bonus, linking rewarding to performance and strengthening individual and team accountability. Read more about our remuneration principles


Show curiosity

If you enjoy learning, you’ll fit right in! We encourage development throughout your career with us, making sure our people develop their competence continuously. We follow a 70-20-10 learning philosophy, with 70 percent occurring through on-the-job learning (e.g. new projects, internal mobility), 20 percent through learning relationships (e.g. mentoring, coaching), and 10 percent through formal learning.

Our award-winning global training programs are designed to develop our strategic capabilities, as well as to engage and develop talent. The programs focus in e.g. leading projects, boosting innovation, taking our services strategy forward and further developing quality improvement mindset. Every year we choose some employees to take part in these high-quality training programs that will help them to deepen and develop their professional skillset.  


Feel engaged

We believe that an engaged and performance-driven community is built from within and that is why we are very interested in hearing our employees’ thoughts about Valmet as a workplace. Our engagement survey, OurVoice, is just one channel for you to voice your thoughts and feelings regarding your work but still – it’s an important one.

We achieved a high response rate in our most recent OurVoice survey, with 81% of our people giving valuable input for how we take Valmet forward. Overall, we are happy with our trend of employee engagement and the progress we continue to make as a company.  Particularly notable were the understanding of the company's strategic direction, ability to do interesting work, and working together – which continues to be a clear strength for us.



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