VII for Data Discovery for energy

Valmet Industrial Internet (VII) for Data Discovery

Valmet's VII for Data Discovery is an advanced analytics solution to fix known problems or identify improvement potential. It can be implemented for the existing production lines or for a new line during the start-up period. The solution does not require on-line data connectivity, because it can be implemented using batch-load data. For energy producers, the significant pain points which were identified are predicative reliability and NOx optimization.

Gather insights and knowledge from your own organization

What are the needs that would bring efficiency?

Understand the data-driven improvement potential and root causes behind issues

Get continuous quick wins and operational benefits from your data through actual analytical applications

– do not waste time on learning and trials.

Create a holistic plan for data-driven improvement potential and digitalization strategy and roadmap

Effective access to industry-specific data science and process experts

Applications and services included in VII for Data Discovery solution

NOx Emissions Advisor

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