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We are committed to providing the best service experience for our customers. Delivering technology and solutions is only the start, as our seamless service and on-site work keep us at the forefront of the action all the time. We work closely with our customers with the help of over 100 service centers on five continents.  

Our skilled and experienced field service professionals around the world are supporting our customers every day on-site or remotely. They have an important role in providing specialized skills and expertise to manage maintenance and service activities according to customer needs. These can include for example annual and maintenance shutdowns, installations, daily maintenance, audits, inspections, and remote services.  

Behind every successful field service professional is a team of trustworthy colleagues, commitment to everyone’s safety, and a drive to deliver the best to our customers. It is that feeling when your team builds seamlessly on one another's work and succeeds together.  

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Are you our next field service professional?

Are you our next field service professional?

Join our growing team! We have different kind of positions such as Service Engineer, Application Engineer, Site Manager, Project Lead, Process Engineer, Service Specialist, Project Engineer, Technical Service Engineer, Planner etc.

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“What I love the most about my everyday work, is to solve customer’s challenges onsite through close collaboration with the customer. Building a good relationship with our customers is the key target for me”

Jani, Service Specialist, Finland

Jani, Valmet Service Specialist from Finland

Dennis, Valmet's Service Specialist in Sweden


“In my daily work at Valmet I have adopted the concept of learning by doing and thereby been given great opportunities to develop myself professionally.”

Dennis, Service Specialist, Sweden


“It’s motivating to see the significance of my work, to see how what we do benefits the customer and improves their processes even in the short term.”

Julia, Application Specialist, Finland

Julia, Valmet's Application Specialist in Finland

Lewis, Valmet's Field Service Engineer in the UK


“Best part of my work is collaborating with colleagues from all over the world and to become a part of this professional network” 

Lewis, Field Service Engineer, UK