Customer case:

Long cooperation on maintenance and process evaluation leads to smooth cooking and fibeline operations of Metsä mill in Husum

Aug 23, 2023

Close cooperation to ensure quick response to technical and process issues. Maintenance planning services help coordinating the shutdowns in an effective way at Metsä Board Husum mill, Sweden

Smooth operation of pulp and paper mill ensured by long cooperation


Location Metsä Board Husum, Sweden
Challenge  Ensure smooth operation of the board and paper mill, avoid unnecessary shutdowns, and solve maintenance process issues before snowballing into bigger problems. 
Agreement scope Mechanical and shutdown services for cooking and fiberline. 
Solution  Agreement with Valmet for having recurrent mechanical inspections and performance evaluations of fiber lines and cooking. Setting up task force meetings to plan maintenance shutdown of the mill and inspections and maintenance work during shutdowns. Also, agreements for spare parts and screen basket replacement. 
Result  Long cooperation (over 15 years) with Valmet that ensures quick response to any technical and maintenance process-related issues. The agreement also provides efficient maintenance shutdowns, properly planned and coordinated in advance. 

About Metsä Board Husum, Sweden


Produces & capacity

Folding boxboard 400 000 T/A

White kraftliner 250.000 T/A

Bleached kraft pulp 730.000 T/A